Friday, June 5, 2009

Episode 7: Final Elimination continues...

*Theme Music*

The camera comes in focus to our usual view. Lynn Genet smiles easily, twinkle in her eyes as she looks upon her unseen audience. “Well now, last episode was rather riveting. Who knew Gilbert was a romantic at heart? He’s always appeared to be a jokester, easy going and dare I say not much depth. Happily I can say, I am wrong about him. He has shown a side to him that was quite unexpected by this host. Makes you wonder what magic lies ahead for our farmer and her next date.”
Lynn gracefully crosses the screen, allowing her profile to be viewed by the masses. Her lovely petite form pauses momentarily as if a thought struck. She turns to the camera instead of exiting and addresses the fans, “Brandon’s date is next. A mystery still remains. Will we finally get some answers now that we’re down to the final eliminations? What is with Brandon’s sudden mood changes.” She begins to move off camera once more, “Suzi has a date with destiny. A handsome man waits to woo her, to dazzle her. He has but once last chance.” She casts a grin over her shoulder gracing her audience with one more mischievous look. “The question of the night: Can Brandon step up and be a better man than Gilbert?” She shrugs her slim shoulders and walks off screen. The camera goes dark as the audience anticipates the customary view of the farmhouses.

Lynn’s voice can be heard off screen in a narrative tone, “While Suzi and Gilbert were off on their date, we had ourselves a little visit with the other remaining contestant.”

“Hello, Brandon, lovely of you to take the time to come see us this evening.”
“Hey, Lynn, it’s good to be here.” Brandon smiles confidently at the woman just off screen. He briefly glances at the camera set on him and grins at the unseen audience, raises a hand in a half wave, “Hey, Everyone. So uh, Lynn… what’s up?”
“Just wanted to touch base with you while we had the opportunity. There have been a few rather tense moments with our lovely farmer.”
Brandon’s eyebrows draw together, his face becomes tense, he fidgets before the camera. “Ya. You could say that.” He glances from Lynn to the camera and back. He takes a deep breath to relax and looks Lynn square in the eyes, “Things got out of hand. We all care for Suzi, she’s a swell girl and a helluva looker. Men are simply competitive beasts.” His gaze wanders as he speaks, he looks as if he’s searching for answers, he appears to have forgotten he isn’t alone with his thoughts. “I don’t know what their issue is. I’m just me. I can’t be anything but me. Yanno? I really like her. I mean ‘really’ like her. I just can’t seem to find the right way to say it or show it without one of them making me look bad or making a big deal about it… I don’t know. I mean, I really just don’t get it. So I had a few, he didn’t have to get all preachy with me. You’d think he was some saint or something. Then to find out he’s been through my stuff. Man that pissed me off, I mean who the *boop* does he think he is any way? It’s my stuff! And then he trashes it? Man pisses me the *boop* off…”
“What ‘stuff’ did he ‘trash’, Brandon?”

Brandon appears to snap out of his thoughts and back to the present, “What?”
Lynn prompts him, “What ‘stuff’ of yours did Gilbert ‘trash’?”
Brandon’s eyes widen momentarily, recovering his nonchalant demeanor he grins at Lynn, “Oh, it was nothing important.”
Lynn tries another approach, “I see, so Brandon, how are you handling tonight? Knowing Gilbert is off with Suzi on a private date must be nerve racking.”
Brandon’s ‘mask’ slips as he flinches visibly, “Fine. I’m fine. It’s fine. I even worked on a nice surprise for her. I’ll present it to her tomorrow.”
“Well now that was very kind of you. I’m sure she will appreciate it. So you have given much thought to your date?”
Brandon shrugs, “It’s getting late… they’re okay right? I mean… your crew would like call you if there was an accident or something… right?” Brandon looks around agitated.
“Of course they would, besides its only 9 o’clock.”

The audience finds themselves once more at breakfast in the farmhouse. Brandon and Suzi are sitting quietly enjoying their pancakes. “Did you have a good time last night?”
Suzi scoots the pancake around her plate a bit, “Yes. It was a very nice evening.”
Brandon nods a few times and stabs his pancakes, “That’s good.”
Suzi watches his fork quietly and bites her lip, “What did you do last night?”

Brandon looks up from his pancakes, “Me? Uh… not much… oh, I got pulled in to the studio for a quick interview with Lynn.”
Suzi keeps her eyes lower at his pancakes as he continues to stab them idly with his fork, “Oh? How did that go?”

He shrugs and grins sheepishly, “Okay… I guess. I was there forever. Or at least it felt like it. Lynn says hi by the way.”
Suzi nods and smiles, “She’s nice.”
Brandon’s mood turns sour quickly as whistling can be heard as Gilbert approaches the kitchen, his grip tightens on his fork and gets quiet once more.

Suzi notes the change and cringes momentarily, her voice soft and low, “I went to check on the garden but you seem to have already taken care of it. Thank you.”
Brandon shrugs, remaining silent and resumes eating his pancakes.
Gilbert can be heard from the kitchen, his whistling interrupted as he greets them both warmly, “Good morning you two.”
Suzi blushes warmly and smiles, “Good afternoon, Gilbert.”

Setting his plate down he makes himself comfortable, grinning across the table at Suzi he winks at her and begins digging in to his pancakes. Suzi watches him in amazement at his appetite, “hungry?”
“Ravenous!” He chuckles at his own humor and continues.
Brandon’s voice is low, once he finally speaks again, “We can go later tonight when you’re ready. I was thinking around 7 tonight.”
Suzi smiles warmly at him, “Okay. I’ll be ready.” She looks at Gilbert and laughs shaking her head. “I have few errands to run. I’ll be back in a bit.”

Gilbert waits until she is gone before he addresses Brandon, “Listen. Be careful tonight.”
Instantly Brandon stiffens in his chair, staring ahead of him, his nostrils flaring. Gilbert tries once more, “I’m not trying to tell you how to go on your date, I’m just saying… I don’t know. Don’t hurt her. Got it?”

Brandon pushes his chair back and stares at him coldly, without a word, he gets up and takes his plate to the kitchen to rinse. Gilbert watches him walk away, “Brandon.”
Brandon ignores him and leaves Gilbert sitting alone with his pancakes.

The screen fades as Gilbert sits alone at the table, breaking for commercial.

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