Tuesday, June 16, 2009

FWAH: Episode 7 Page 4

*Theme Music*

The camera focuses on Gilbert as he stands easily before the camera. Lynn’s voice can be heard off camera, “Lovely of you to come visit us at such short notice, Gilbert.”
Gilbert chuckles, “You say that as if I had a choice.”
“Everyone has choices. Some are simply not as wise as others.”
“Well said. So what can I do for you this fine evening?”
“Your little date brought on some fast responses, mostly via email a few by text…”
“Text? I didn’t realize you had that kind of service for the show.”
Lynn laughs, “We don’t! The texts would be from friends of mine demanding answers. Not that I gave any and I do hope they’re still my friends once this is over…” They laugh together, “That said. They all want to know one thing.”
Gilbert’s eyebrow shoots up questioningly, “Oh?”

“Yes, that too… but in the spirit of television and my deep rooted desire to remain employed that question can remain unanswered… for the moment. No the viewers want to know what it is you and Danny were in cahoots over.”
Gilbert looks amused and relieved as the question is revealed, “I take it Danny didn’t tell you. Or perhaps Danny did tell you and you’re simply asking me to collaborate on his version. Either way, I won’t be able to tell you. At least not now…”
A soft sigh can be heard off screen, one can only assume it is Lynn, “Gilbert, it’s the eliminations. When can we expect an answer?”
“Win or lose, I’ll tell you after I’ve had the chance to talk to Suzi about it.”

There is a brief moment of quiet before Lynn responds, “Agreed. Now about the other question….”
Gilbert throws his head back with a roar of laughter, “A gentleman does not kiss and tell.”
“Are you claiming to be a gentleman?”
“Now I never said that…”

The audience find themselves back at the diner. The jukebox is playing an old love song. Brandon is seen leading Suzi to the dance floor, he twirls her once in to his arms and pulls her close. Suzi glides across the floor into his arms effortlessly, her fingertips slide up his strong arms allowing herself to be moved around the dance floor. The audience catches glimpses of other diners as some smile at the couple and others simply ignore them. They are the only ones on the dance floor.

Brandon slows their dance as the song comes to an end, he kisses her forehead before he releases her. “Thank you for tonight.”
Suzi’s eyes flutter, she takes a breath, “I had a good time. I’m glad you’re such a good sport and don’t mind losing to a girl.”
Brandon chuckles and kisses her lips, holding her hand he leads her towards the door.

Brandon expertly ushers her in to the front seat, walks around the truck and puts the keys in the ignition. “Brandon?”
“I thought you said I was driving home?”
Brandon takes his hand from the ignition and place them both on the steering wheel. His hands gripping and releasing the wheel as he sits in quiet contemplation. “You’re serious?”

Brandon grips the wheel once more, closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. “Suzi…” His eyes fly open as he hears the tinkling of the keys. Suzi managed in the short time he had his eyes close to reach over and pull them out of the ignition.
Suzi sits with a determined look on her face, keys in hand, “I gave you the benefit of the doubt. While I realize you hadn’t technically said you would let me drive, you only asked ‘if’ but I wanted to believe it was an oversight by you and not you trying to appease me.”
Brandon smirks and chuckles, “You’re smart and beautiful. Fair enough. You can drive, if you can get me out of this seat.” He waggles his eyebrows playfully.

Relieved Suzi smiles at him, “That’s easy. Kiss me.”
Brandon looks at her and moves in for his kiss, feeling he has her pinned against the seat and no way to remove him from his current seat, he pulls her closer to the middle of the seat and stops, his lips inches from hers, “now what was it you wanted from me?”

Wordlessly she pulls him closer, kissing him softly at first, teasingly, he growls as his hunger for her grows. She grabs his hand that was on her leg for leverage, pushing him back in his seat, she swings her leg around and straddles him.
Brandon grabs her ass firmly in his hands pulling her closer, letting her feel the affect she has on him, she moans deeply and kisses him. Pinned between him and the steering wheel she moves her hips against him whimpering. Her lips move towards his ear as she whispers to him, his eyes close and he moans. He slides towards the other side, bringing her along with him. Their hunger heating up the car, the windows begin fogging up due to their heavy panting.

What can only be Suzi’s voice can be heard through the steamy car window, “Oh. Oh! Mmmm… oh Brandon.”
The truck rocks faster as more sounds of passion are heard, the screen fades to commercial.

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Anjel76 said...

*pokes Gilbert* I wanna know NOW!!! *pout*

And ... damn it ... I KNEW Brandon was going to pull that stunt. I'm glad that Suzi pulled a stunt of her own by taking the keys.

I would SO not be in the mood for sex after that though. :O\