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FWAH: Episode 6 Page 2

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Back from commercial, we find Suzi standing alone at her front door apparently waiting for her date to join her. She breathes visibly, she appears to be trying to calm her nerves, which is evident when a car driving by suddenly honks its horn and she jumps in surprise. Closing her eyes momentarily, she begins the breathing once more. Footsteps can be heard behind her, she takes a deep breath and turns to see who is her first date.

Gilbert walks out of the front door, looking very handsome in his suit. He smiles sincerely at Suzi as she gasps softly and he chuckles, “Why thank you. You’re looking rather gorgeous yourself.”

Not to be outdone Suzi smiles sweetly at him, “Why Gilbert, who knew you cleaned up so well. There may be a gentleman under that rough exterior yet.”
Gilbert laughs good-naturedly, “What can I say? I need to at least appear some what worthy to accompany the Goddess to dinner.”

Taking this opportunity, he finally breaks down and asks, “So tell me Goddess, if you will… will you allow this peasant, this mere unworthy mortal the honor of accompanying you to dinner?”
Suzi blushes as she often does, smiles and nods, “Yes, mere mortal. I deem you worthy to accompany me to dinner.”
She bites her lip as her eyes take in his form. He steps closer, putting his arms around her, kissing her gently. He swallows hard as he pulls back, “It is a privilege, my Goddess.”

Standing before the restaurant, she pauses and gazes at him, “Really? Landoste?”
Gilbert looks hesitant and unsure for the first time that evening, “Yes… really… Landoste…” He looks towards the door and then back to Suzi, “Would you prefer elsewhere? Our reservations are for 8 pm. I can cancel them and we can go any where you want.”
Suzi shakes her head and puts a reassuring hand on his, “I love this place. They have a wonderful nectar tarte that I absolutely love.”
Gilbert smiles, “I know… its why I chose this place. I just didn’t realize you already knew… kind of takes the wind out of my surprise.”
Suzi grins apologetically, “Oops? Sorry!”

Seated at a romantic table for two, they glance at the menu briefly, “Do you like salmon? They make an excellent Terrine de Saumon aux Epinards - Riz Spécial”
Suzi’s eyes dance as his accent and pronunciation flow so easily for him, she tests him playfully, “Le saumon est divin, seulement je préfère Emincé de Volaille sauce Roquefort - Pommes de terre sautées.” (The salmon is divine, only I prefer Emincé de Volaille sauce Roquefort - Pommes de terre sautées.)
Gilbert chuckles, “Oh mais évidemment, ma Déesse. N'importe quoi pour vous.” (Oh but of course, my Goddess. Anything for you.)
“Well now, you are full of surprises!”
Gilbert shrugs noncommittally, “Perhaps…”

Gilbert reaches across the table, taking Suzi’s hand in his. “Are you really okay? We’ve put you through so much. Yet here you are, gorgeous, at ease, with me…” He chuckles and shakes his head, “I didn’t think I’d make it this far.”
Suzi looks at him in surprise. “You’ve always been so confident… almost cocky about being ‘the one’. That was a ruse? Really?”
Gilbert squeezes her hand gently, “Not completely. I knew we clicked. There is just something about you. I cant put my finger on it.” He gives her his patent grin, “I just knew you felt it too. I could see it in your eyes. I can get lost in those eyes.”
The couple are interrupted by the waiter, Gilbert orders for the both of them including some champagne.

Drinks in hand, Gilbert proposes a toast, “A toast to my lovely Goddess. May you find happiness, with me or that other guy… whats his name…” He gives her a wink, “Really, I do wish you happiness. While I wont lie, I hope it is with me… if you choose Brandon, I hope he can make you happy. You’re a wonderful woman. You’re kind. You’re caring. You’re gorgeous… inside and out…” He pauses once more and looks at her, he smiles and raises his glass to her.

“To you Suzi, may you find your happiness.”
Suzi blushes sweetly and raises her glass, “To happiness… for us both. Whatever it may be.”

They sip their champagne quietly both reflecting on their toasts and what the future could hold for either of them. He winks at her and she giggles, feeling the bubbles tickle her nose. “Its delicious. You have good taste in champagne.”
Gilbert shrugs, “When you’re celebrating, only the best will do.”
“Is that what we’re doing? Celebrating?”
“What are we celebrating?”
Gilbert chuckles and raises his glass to her once more, “Beginnings.”

Their dinner had arrived, the two spent the whole time talking about everything and nothing, from poetry to video games, from rock and roll to jazz, from ballet to sports, much to Suzi’s delight.

“Your turn…”
She looks at him slyly, he catches the look and chuckles, “Okay.”
“James said something that had struck me as odd. I didn’t quite get it at the time. Days later, I met Kaylynn. I ‘think’ I get the connection between the two. Only I didn’t get a straight answer from any one.”
Gilbert’s eyes dance with humor, “I see. So what is your question?”
“James hesitated when I thanked him… I had thought you guys had cleaned the house for me. Only from his reaction, I wasn’t sure what was going on. Then I met Kaylynn after the kitchen fire. She was very familiar with the layout of my house as well as where everything was and where things went. I thought it incredible at first. Then remembered James.” She watches his face as he grins, “You guys hired her to clean my house…”
Gilbert laughs, “That is not a question, that is a statement... and yes. It was the day you got that ‘call’, you were so distracted, the last thing you needed was to deal with housework or any of us. So I called an agency.”
“You did that? For me?”

“Why do you sound so surprised? We didn’t have time to clean the house. We had the competition to deal with. You had your mind else where. I figured it was the most logical step to take.”
“You never told me…”
Gilbert shrugs sheepishly, “I knew you’d figure it out sooner or later…”
Suzi sits quietly and smiles at him. “Thanks.”

“Your turn.”
Suzi takes a bite of her desert, “Okay.”
“What was the phone call about?”
“Next question.”
“Wait, no fair. You told me one day you’d tell me what that was all about.”
Suzi shakes her head, “Today is not that day.”
Gilbert searches her eyes and nods slowly, “I see.”

Dinner comes to an end, the bill is paid, the two walked hand in hand out of the restaurant. Stopping at the curb, she suddenly turns, pressing her body to his, she kisses him. His arms wrap around her waist, their foreheads touching, as he looks in her eyes as if memorizing everything about her. “Thank you… I’ve had a lovely evening.”
Gilbert smiles his easy familiar smile, “I’m glad you enjoyed dinner… only the night isn’t quite over yet.”
Suzi’s eyes dance with anticipation, she opens the door and slides over so Gilbert can sit beside her.

The screen fades to a commercial as the taxi drives away.

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