Friday, March 27, 2009

FWAH: Episode 3 Page 4

The screen comes back in to focus on the front door in anticipation of the next contestant to leave. Footsteps can be heard nearing the door, the handle is turned and begins opening.

Out walks Jesse, he hesitates momentarily and glances behind him. He takes a deep breath and continues down the path to the waiting taxi.

As he walks past the camera he gives his little shy smile and quietly continues on.

Lynn’s voice can be heard, “How are your nails, Jesse?”
Jesse looks at her as if she’s lost her mind, “My nails? Are you serious? I just got kicked out of the house and you’re worried about my nails…”
Lynn is slightly taken aback by his sudden disregard for his cleanliness, “You seemed rather concerned about them last night.”
Jesse sighs softly and looks at his hands, first the palm side then turning to look at the backs, speaking to his hands and not meeting Lynn’s gaze, “Do you think that was what she didn’t like about me?”

When Lynn doesn’t answer he shrugs his broad shoulders, “I dunno. She’s sweet. And she didn’t even make fun of me. I like that.” He glances at Lynn, “not that you have, I’m just sayin’ is all.”

Brandon’s voice can be heard some what far away, “James. Your dinner is getting cold.”
James works diligently on the leaky faucet, he raises his voice to be heard through the door, “Coming.”
“You said that fifteen minutes ago.”
James stops, wipes his brow and calls back over his shoulder, “Ya and that was before I found out that a simple washer change wasn’t going to do the trick.”
Suzi opens the door to the bathroom and peeks in, “I can call a plumber, James. Come eat.”
“I’m almost done here.”
Suzi hesitates, “do you uh… want company?”
James smiles up at her, “Go ahead and eat, your dinner will be cold if you don’t.”
Suzi places a hand on his shoulder before leaving, “Thank you, James.”

James digs in despite the food having gotten cold, “You guys out did yourselves. This is great.”
Brandon grins, “Thanks man, so whats up with the tub?”
James swallows and points towards the door with his fork, “The faucet will need to be replaced, its holding its own for now, but it will leak again in a couple weeks. The threads inside are torn up some how and every time you turn the water on or off, it cuts up the washer. It will eventually leak again if its not replaced.”
He takes another bite, and chews savoring the flavor.
“Did Danny lose a bet or something?” She watches as he is cleaning the kitchen.
Danny looks over his shoulder at them a bit hesitantly meeting her gaze and then turning back to his cleaning. Gilbert chuckles, “We made a deal, he got squeamish when it came time to clean the fish, so instead he has to clean the kitchen.”
Suzi smiles at Danny, “Thanks for cleaning my kitchen, Danny.” She turns her attention to James, “don’t worry about the tub, I’ll have that replaced… I appreciate what you guys have done. You’ve really outdone yourselves… a girl could get use to this.”

The screen fades, the theme music plays and the credits begin rolling:

Day 3
Brandon Zackery - 4 skills, 2LB, crush 125+20+20+10= 175
Danny Williams - 4 skills, 2LB 129+20+20= 169
Gilbert Portis - 4 skills, 3LB, crush 104+20+30+10= 164
James Zamora - 4 skills, 2LB, crush 124+20+20+10= 174
Jesse Lomino - 4 skills, 2LB 100+20+20= 140

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FWAH: Episode 3 Page 3

Suzi’s laughter can be heard as the show comes back from the commercial break.

“I’m just saying it’s a good thing criminals are stupid. Darwin at its best…” Suzi simply laughs and glances at Jesse sitting alone on the couch.
“Jesse? Are you okay?”
Jesse looks up at her and gives her a weak smile, he holds up his hands showing her his nails, “I told you they would crack…”
Suzi frowns sympathetically, “Aw, I’m sorry, Jesse.”
Jesse shrugs before heading towards the stairs, “I’m going to see if I can save them…”
Suzi watches his retreating back, “That’s the spirit, Jesse, don’t give up.” She looks at the guys huddled and quirks an eyebrow, “What is that all about?”
“Ah, that is your surprise… and no I wont be telling you what that is just yet.”

She smiles at Brandon, spreading her hands in defeat, “I wouldn’t dream of ruining a surprise.”
James and Gilbert exchange looks with Brandon who nods. Suzi suddenly feels ganged up on and looks around a bit nervously. “Guys…”
The guys suddenly laugh, “Relax, Suzi. You’re taking a night off for once.”
Suzi turns to face James and looks at him accusingly, “what do you mean?”
“I just mean, we have everything under control. Tonight… we will take care of you.”
Suzi looks at each of them and waits for the catch… when she doesn’t get one she looks at James once more, “Really?”

Gilbert’s easy smile eases her rising panic, “You’ve worked hard on this farm of yours and to keep us alive… don’t think we haven’t noticed or appreciate it. We have… and we do.”
Suzi giggles, “Well now this is going to be interesting.”
“You’ve given us everything we need to pull this off… cookbooks, fish, vegetables, everything else is in the kitchen already. Just have a bit of faith in us and everything will be fine.”
Suzi looks around at the guys once more, “the fire extinguisher is in the cabinet under the sink.”
“Oh you of little faith!” They all start laughing as the screen fades…

and cuts to the front door moments before it cuts to another commercial break.

FWAH: Episode 3 Page 2

*Theme Music*

The ‘Farmer Wants’ theme music fades to an odd view of the fish tank. Through the fish tank is a watery image of our farmer as she speaks on the phone to an unidentified person. “Speaking. … yes, I know him. … well yes actually, he did. … Hold on, before you ask me any more questions, perhaps you’d be so kind as to tell me who ‘you’ are before I hang up on you. …” Suzi’s eyes widen as she listens, her mouth forming the unspoken, oh. She bites her lip and nods as if the person on the other end can see her, “Yes, well I can understand, only its true… just as he said. … well, I can’t say that I blame you. Yet the bottom line is, he came clean and is telling you the truth. At least as far as where I am concerned. … Mmhmm… … Hmm… well, that is a dilemma and one I can’t help you with. … Bye and… well, good luck.”
Suzi hangs up her cell phone and stares at it quietly for a moment. She’s biting her lip once more. She starts to dial a number and disconnects before she finishes punching in the numbers. She shakes her head and walks towards the kitchen moments before the guys can be heard entering the house.
“I think my hands are stained from pulling weeds. They’re starting to look… green…”
Jesse looks at Brandon’s hands with growing concern then at his own, “is that what they mean by a green thumb, ya think?”
The screen fades once more before rejoining the contestants busily reading cookbooks and how to books.

“Huh…” Heads turn towards James in anticipation of some sort of interaction yet he goes back to reading without expanding on his declaration. The others go back to reading as well. The room is quiet with the exception of gurgling sounds of the water pump in the fish tank.
Jesse yawns at the lull of the fish tank and attempts to cover up his boredom with an exclamation of his own, “oh.” Heads turn towards Jesse and he looks around at them, “I think I’m going to be a vegetarian… is that bad?”
The guys smile at him and shake their heads, Danny nudges him with his elbow, “Nah. Not after meeting your food. It makes sense, I guess.”
Jesse gives Danny a pained look, “I wish you hadn’t said that… do plants feel pain?”
Gilbert looks at him with growing concern, “Dude, at this rate, you’re going to starve yourself. You can eat vegetables, okay. They have no face… you’ll be okay.”
Jesse looks relieved and grateful towards him and goes back to reading, he covers his mouth suddenly, his eyes grow wide and looks around, “Is there a book about cooking vegetables… I don’t think I can read this one any more.”

Suzi walks in and hands Jesse a new book, “Sorry Jesse, maybe you’ll enjoy this one. It’s a vegan cookbook.”
Jesse smiles and gratefully exchanges books, “Thanks.”
“Huh.” Everyone turns to James once more, yet again he says nothing.
Brandon nudges Gilbert and nods towards James, ‘Is he doing that on purpose or do you think he just doesn’t realize he’s doing it.”
Gilbert laughs, “he’s concentrating… he feels he has ground to make up. He’ll be fine.”
Brandon shrugs and goes back to his book, ‘Huh.”
Gilbert elbows Brandon causing him to laugh. “No really, this is a recipe for catfish. Didn’t we have a few from yesterday?”
Gilbert leans over and looks at Brandon’s book, “Ya, I had a one, Danny had one and I think even Monty had one. What does it say?”
Brandon shows Gilbert the book as they put their collective minds together, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”
Gilbert grins, “Ya, she could use a break and we can totally do this.”

Heads turn once again to James, “What already?”
James looks up puzzled and stares blankly at Danny, “What?”
The guys laugh and James looks around a bit confused, “What did I miss?”
Danny simply shakes his head, “Nothing, man… just read your book.”
James looks at him puzzled before he goes back to reading, “Hey. Did you know that Swedish meatballs have veal in it? I thought it was just… yanno, beef.”
Suzi had come back in the room at this point and leans over James’ shoulder at the recipe he’s reading, “Some do… others are a mix of beef and pork. It depends really on the cook’s preference and pocketbook.”
James looks at her and grins, “that’s cool. So any recipe can be adjusted to suit one’s preference… and pocketbook…”
Suzi smiles back, “most can, yes.” She turns a few pages and points to another recipe, “this is one of my favorites, here… beef stroganoff, see how it says you use beef tenderloin? It can be substituted with beef sirloin or if money is really tight, beef for stew… you just cook it longer to soften it.”

Suzi and James smile at each other before she gently squeezes his shoulder and lets him go back to reading, the screen fades to commercial.

Episode 3: What's Cookin'?

*Theme Music*

Lynn smiles, allowing the music to fade before she begins speaking to the unseen audience, “Our farmer has been a true trooper and has been faced with several… ‘challenging’ men to choose from.” She turns to the left, showing her favored profile as a true hostess would. She continues, “While the contestants dwindle, the men will be faced with different tasks and dare I say, some rather… womanly tasks? In this day and age, I say that is nonsense, a man can cook as well as any woman and perhaps these men will prove they too can whip up a meal. Where does it say the woman is the homemaker? That is a rather 40s attitude and this is after all the 21st century. I believe these men can rise to the challenge, they can be taught to cook and perhaps one will find they actually enjoy it.”
She looks slyly in to the camera, “What does our farmer have to say on this subject? Well we asked her during her interview…”

Suzi pauses before responding as she so customarily does, her thin brows furrow in thought as she speaks, “A cooking challenge… for the men… I think it’s great. Many of the finest chefs are male. Besides, if we’re both tired and hungry from working the farm, I would hate to think he expects me to cook just because I’m the woman… he will need to know how to take care of himself. Gosh if they don’t know how to cook ‘something’ how did they survive this long?” Suzi shakes her head slowly, “I would hate to think any man would object to at least learning the basics… if he does… I have no time for him.”
The screen fades and witty banter is heard, Suzi’s interview is replaced with Suzi and the remaining men gardening at the farm.

“So nice to see everyone at breakfast this morning…”
Danny laughs, “It’s nice they remembered to dress themselves this morning, too.” He grabs another weed, grunting as he pulls it from the ground and tosses it on to the growing pile.
James can be heard humming to himself as he steadily works, Gilbert pauses and looks around, “Where’s Jesse?”
Brandon can’t resist the bait, “Apologizing to the ‘turkeys’…”
They laugh at his response while Suzi bites her lip and shakes her head. “You guys are so bad.”
Gilbert snorts, “You started it. We’re just having fun… at his expense naturally.” He bends over and starts pulling more weeds, “Didn’t we just do this yesterday?”
“Yup, and we get to do it again tomorrow… and the day after… and the day after that…”
“Whew,” Gilbert wipes his brow, “well it’s no wonder you start so early… its already getting hot out here.”
At this Suzi laughs, “It’s fall… just imagine if it was summer.”
Gilbert looks over at her and grins, “maybe I wont have to imagine…”

Brandon has a revelation, “I think I’m getting the hang of this…” He finds a good rhythm and pulls weeds with renewed enthusiasm.
James looks over at Brandon and steps up his own efforts remaining quiet.
Jesse finally makes his appearance, clippers in hand, “Sorry… I was over um, checking on the uh…”
Danny looks up at him, “chickens, Jesse… those are chickens…”
Jesse nods without skipping a beat, “ya that’s what I thought…” He gives Suzi a lopsided grin and starts trimming the trees. Suzi returns his smile with an apologetic one of her own.

The garden grows quiet as the screen fades to a commercial break.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

FWAH: Episode 2 Page 4

*Theme Music*

The taxi pulls up in front of the house, the driver honks the horn signaling its time to pick up the eliminated contestant.

The camera pans to the front door of the home in anticipation and fades briefly as the sound of footsteps grows louder. The screen comes back instantly as the door begins to open.

Monty walks slowly out of the door on his way to the taxi, he appears to be distracted and rubbing his back.

As he moves closer to the camera, he has a troubled, if not pained look upon his face. Perhaps unlike Phillip, Monty had not expected to be departing so soon.

“Pained? Me? No way…” Monty puts up a good front and then laughs. “Okay, ya I pulled something in my back. I put some icyhot on… can you smell it? Its bad, but whatever helps right? I’m not accustomed to losing. That said, I’m not really cut out for the farm life. I’m a white shirt kind of guy, not dirt under my nails.” Shrugs, “for what its worth, I had fun.”

Jesse grabs a plate from the buffet, “Oh yum, turkey. I love turkey.”
Danny watches as Jesse mounds his plate with food, “worked up an appetite I see.”
“This is good eats!” Jesse grins as he joins them at the table. “I’m sorry, Suzi. I’m a bit… ripe.”
James remains quiet, simply eating his salad, moving the leaves around for a bit then taking another bite.
“Are you okay, James?”
James looks at Suzi and gives her a sad smile, “Sure.”

“Maybe tomorrow night, I’ll cook up some of the fish we caught today.” James winces at her words and she bites her lip, “Oh… sorry James.”
“Its okay.”
His fork paused in midair, Jesse sits horrified. “Eat… the fish… the ones we caught today?” He shudders, “Man, I don’t know if I can eat something that I seen alive.”
Suzi pauses and debates on what to tell him, then looks pointedly outside at the small caged area out back near the pond and back at his plate. “Oh?”
Jesse looks at his plate, puts his fork down and pushes away from the table. “I think I’m going to be ill now.” He moves away and staggers upstairs holding his mouth.
The whole room laughs including James, “Thanks, I needed that laugh.” He looks out at the window towards the chicken coup. “Should someone tell him you only raise chickens, or let him suffer for a while longer?”

The screen fades, the theme music plays and the credits begin rolling:

Day 2
Brandon Zackery - 1 fish, 3 boots, 2LB 98+10+15+20= 143
Danny Williams - 3 fish, 2LB 84+30+20= 134
Gilbert Portis - 4 fish, 2 boots, 3LB 81+40+10+30= 161
James Zamora - 0 fish, 2LB 91+20= 111
Jesse Lomino - 2 fish, 1 boot, 2LB 85+20+5+20= 130
Monte Woods - 1 fish, 1LB 70+10+10= 90

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FWAH: Episode 2 Page 3

*Theme Music*

The music fades as the pond comes in to focus, more laughter, more witty banter can be heard.

“Any of you guys fish before?” James peers at the pond to perhaps catch a glimpse of the elusive fish.
Each one responds in the negative, “Me either.” James sighs softly and continues to try to catch a fish. He looks around at the guys, “We’ve been here for a while, are you sure there are fish in there?”
“Whoa! Come to Daddy!” Gilbert’s first fish comes flying out of the water towards his waiting hand, he grins big and triumphantly as he catches the first fish of the day.
“Apparently so… Gilbert, I swear, you are the luckiest guy.” Gilbert looks across the pond at Danny and shrugs.

Jesse stares intently at the pond, concentrating hard, his brow furrowed, his look intense as if willing the fish to take his hook.
Brandon watches him quietly from across the pond, “Jesse, relax… you’re going to hurt yourself.”
Jesse blinks and looks over at Brandon, “Huh? Oh, I’m being the worm…”
Brandon stares at him blankly, “Be the… what are you going on about?”
Jesse is beside himself, “Didn’t you watch last season? Sariana did zen fishing. She chanted I am the worm. I am the worm.”
Brandon laughs and shakes his head, “Ya and what happened after that?”
Jesse looks confused momentarily, “She catches a fish?”
Danny points to Jesse’s line, “Hey worm, I think you got one.”

“Ack!” Jesse slowly gets up and rubs his behind, picking up his prize he grins at the others, “See? Sariana wouldn’t steer me wrong.”
The others start laughing. Jesse remains optimistic, “I’m telling you. It works.”

Jesse stares at the fish for a while unsure what to do with it. “Mine looks sad. Should I throw it back?”
Suzi walks up to the pond with a fishing pole and tackle. She smiles sympathetically at Jesse, “You could… but you’d be throwing away your chance for immunity. The choice is yours.” She begins expertly hooking the worm on to her pole and casts easily.
Jesse continues to stare sadly at his fish, “oh. well, I uh…”
Monty chimes in, “it’s a judgment call really, his life for your happiness. I don’t know about you, but fish is dang tasty and it’s definitely survival of the fittest.” He grabs hold of his wiggling catfish and grins at Jesse, “I have no qualms about killing this fish. Its all about survival.” He winks at Suzi and tosses his fish aside to be counted and continues fishing.
Jesse shrugs and tosses his fish in the growing pile. “Sorry fella. I like Suzi more than I like you.”

Suzi blushes softly at the high praise from the guys and nods towards Brandon. “You have a nibble, Brandon.”
The tip of Brandon’s pole dips suddenly as the bait is taken, “Sweet!”
“Oh!” Suzi jerks the tip of her pole and snags the fish, “apparently I do, too!” Reeling the fish in, she taunts it giving it a bit of line before reeling once more, pausing and reeling until the fish can be skimming the water.
“That’s a beauty you got there, Suzi” Gilbert watches with admiration at her skill.

Suzi stares at her fish for some time as others continue to fish. Gilbert watches her quietly for a bit, “Are you okay, Suzi?”
“Yes, its just… when I was a little girl, I fished in this pond with my father. I caught my first fish, it was as big as I was and it scared me so much when it wriggled in my hand, that I dropped him back in the water…”
Gilbert’s brow furrows in thought as he listens to her tale, “do you think that’s the same fish?” He nods at the fish in her hand.
She giggles, “No, the hook was still in his mouth and my father managed to grab hold of the line before it got away. Although this is the same type of fish and just about the same size.” She smiles and looks up at him, “It just brought back good memories.”

“Ugh that’s nasty!” Brandon holds up his ‘prize’ boot and stares at it with disgust.
James sighs softly, “At least you caught something. That counts for something.”
Brandon looks sympathetically over at James, “Ya, that’s true. You’ll be okay. You’ll get something.”
James grins at Brandon in appreciation of his ‘pep’ talk. He stares blankly at the pond and keeps trying.

The sun sets, the moon is high in the clear sky. The contestants put away their gear and the fish/boot tally begins.

“I swear it had to be this big!” Danny demonstrates with his hands wide as he over exaggerates his largest catch of the day.
Suzi smiles at him and lets him tell his tale of the one that didn’t get away. “Lucky for the others the tally isn’t in pounds then or you’d get the immunity card for sure.”
James says nothing, he simply walks in the house to wash up before the next contestant is sent packing.
Brandon and Gilbert watch him quietly. Brandon looks at the grass and back up at his retreating back, he glances at Gilbert quizzically, “Not even one?” Quietly Gilbert shakes his head. “Dang.”

Gilbert smiles sincerely, “Thank you.”
Suzi looks at him momentarily confused, “For what?”
He brushes away stray hairs, caressing her face as he looks in her eyes, “for sharing that memory with us. That was a very special moment in your life and yet you were willing to tell us about it. People can be so jaded and closed. You gave us a glimpse in to you… the real you… the private you… it was beautiful.”
Suzi’s heart skips a beat as she blushes softly in the moonlight, she reaches up to remove his hand and holds it in hers for a moment. “Thank you for understanding how important that moment was to me.”

The screen fades for a commercial break.

FWAH: Episode 2 Page 2

*Theme Music*

The music fades as the garden comes in to focus, laughter, witty banter and a few disgruntled contestants can be heard speaking to each other as they tend to the garden and orchard.

“Boop!” Brandon looks around, “sorry!” As he sends his half hearted apology towards the camera, he idly waves his left hand as he hisses in pain.
“You okay there Brandon? I can take over if the clippers are too high tech for you.”
Brandon looks over his right shoulder towards Gilbert and chuckles good naturedly, “I’m okay. You just concentrate on your weeds there little man.”
Gilbert’s laughter can be heard off screen.

“Oh. Oh! Dang…”
Danny smirks as he continues his work, refusing to look Jesse’s way or give him any slack, “apparently some can’t even handle the weeds…”
Monty laughs along with Danny, “So uh, Jesse. Did you have problems with the clock this morning too?”
“Oh, ha ha… real funny, guys.” Jesse’s voice can be heard off screen. His tone is tense and anxious. “I’m not used to getting up this early!”
“Really?” Danny manages to sound sincere for half a beat before his laughter joins Monty’s, “no one will notice, Jesse.”

Jesse sighs resignedly, “my Mom’s watching… she notices every thing.”
James attempts to be supportive, “Maybe they wont show you in your uh… well just hope they shoot you from the waist up. It could be worse, you could be wearing holy drawers.”
Jesse winces visibly, “aw man, you too, James? I thought you were my friend.”
James chuckles and pokes fun a bit more at Jesse’s expense. “So long as you’re not winning over me, ya sure we can stay friends. There’s just something about Suzi though…” James’ voice drifts off as he loses himself in his thoughts.
Jesse pauses and looks over at James with concern, “What? What’s wrong with Suzi?”
The others laugh once more and Jesse looks around at each of them utterly lost.

James simply shakes his head, “Nothing, man. That’s just it. She’s awesome.”
Jesse looks at James as if he’s lost his mind, “Well duh. I knew that.”
James looks over at James and throws a small dirt clod at his leg. “Ow!”
The door to the greenhouse opens and Suzi pokes her head in, “Morning, guys!” All the guys look towards the door at Suzi, some stopping to listen others continue to work as she continues, “Sorry about this but the time to fish is upon us… that means sandwiches on your way to the pond and uh… no chance to dress.” She looks apologetically towards them. “Don’t worry about the garden, I’ll finish that up… wow, you guys did a great job in here. Its almost done!”
Gilbert’s chuckles, “you sound surprised… but you shouldn’t be… it was half done before we even got in here. I have a sneaky suspicion you know something about that.”
Suzi simply smiles noncommittally and holds the door open for them to go to the pond to fish. “Good luck.”

The theme song plays, the screen fades to black before the commercials begin.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Episode 2 - Gone Fishing

*Theme Music*

The music fades to background ambiance as the camera focuses in on Lynn. She smiles easily looking off camera as if listening to someone unseen by the viewers. Right on cue and without skipping a beat, she looks to the camera, “Welcome back to Farmer Wants… This is our 7th season and hopefully not our last. We encourage all of you farmers out there looking for a spouse to send in applications without delay!”
Lynn shifts her weight and looks thoughtfully off camera as she recounts for the benefit of the audience, “Last time we had our farmer meet the hopefuls, some contestants were met with an encouraging smile, others were not quite so successful. In the end, we did say good bye to our first eliminated bachelor.”
With a sly smile she looks pointedly back at the audience as if giving them an inside peek at top secret information, “While dishes were being done, farmer hopefuls readied for bed, friendships are made and the competition is weighed by each of the remaining contestants. Who will be next to go? What strategies do these farmers have? If any…”
The theme music kicks up again as the camera now is back at the farm and we are greeted by Suzi, this season’s farmer.

Suzi stands alone in her kitchen, a bit amused and rather concerned, “Each of them have been told it was time to get up at least twice, yet I’m the only one that was here in time for breakfast.” She shrugs her slim shoulders noncommittally and continues, “I don’t know what to say about this other than they’ll learn the hard way that a good breakfast is the only good way to start your day. Spend some time in the gardens and fields, they’ll be falling over in hunger and that’s not going to be a pretty picture I can tell you that now.”
She looks above her and shakes her head slowly, “I think someone is awake, I hear a shower or two… maybe… I suppose we’ll see.” She looks at the camera once more, “They do know they’re on a farm… right?”

Lynn’s disembodied laughter can be heard by both our viewers and by our farmer, “Yes Suzi, they were told and if they don’t remember today, those still around will surely remember tomorrow. So tell us about yesterday.”
Suzi looks exasperated, “I don’t even know where to start Lynn! It was like one disaster after another… thankfully there were a few life boats out there, yet it just felt so overwhelming.”
Lynn prods her further, “And Phillip? You decided against keeping him around…”
Suzi bites her lip and looks around contemplating her response, “He was rather… extreme… don’t you think? He is handsome, don’t get me wrong… its just he was so certain that I was completely off base. Life isn’t black or white; it has so many shades of color. I need someone who can see that.”
“Do you have anyone in mind?”
Suzi relaxes and laughs, “Maybe… but I’m not saying. Besides, its way too soon to say for certain!” A clock chimes in the hallway, “oh the time, I have to get started… can someone send them outside for me?”
Lynn’s voice can still be heard by both the audience and Suzi, “Sure thing!”
Suzie looks relieved and waves before exiting, “Thanks Lynn!”

The screen fades as the theme music plays, the narrator’s voice can be heard strong and melodic, “Farmer Wants will return after this brief message.”

FWAH: Episode 1 Page 6

*Theme Music*

The commercial break comes to an end and we find ourselves watching the front doors once more. Footsteps can be heard as the doors open.

Out steps Phillip on his way to the waiting taxi. He walks quickly with a purposeful stride.

As he moves closer to the camera, it shows his confident little grin firmly in place. He doesn’t appear upset at all as he leaves the house.

Phillip shrugs, “What can I say. I’m not surprised, are you? I mean… we just didn’t hit it off. I’m lawful good, where she is chaotic neutral, it just wouldn’t have worked, yanno?” He pauses and grins, “I do wish her luck though, she is a nice girl.”

Danny walks in to the kitchen sniffing, “Something smells good. What’s that you’re cooking?”
Suzi doesn’t take her eyes from her task, “its just spaghetti, a family recipe.”
“Can I help?”
Suzi smiles and glances over her shoulder, “you can set the table or make a salad. The sauce is almost ready.”

Danny perks up feeling useful at last and moves to help out, Brandon hearing the need for aid in the kitchen comes to pitch in. “Hey Danny, I’m pretty good at making salads, why don’t you take care of setting the table.”
Danny grins and agrees, the wondrous aroma fills the room with warmth and a homey feeling.

Danny pauses and looks around a bit lost… he looks left and right, he opens cabinets and cupboards, pulling out drawers until Suzi giggles, “The plates are over here Danny.”
Feeling a bit foolish he tries to cover his embarrassment with a touch of humor, “I knew that…” He looks at Suzi to see if she believes him and laughs as he watches her shoulders shake with laughter.

The enticing aroma of supper has drifted throughout the house, and more men spill in to the kitchen eager to expedite the process in order to fill their bellies.
“A woman with a sense of humor, looks and can cook. How is it you’re still single Suzi?”
Suzi glances over her shoulder not at all surprised to see Gilbert and simply smiles, “Dinner is ready.”

The remaining men join their hostess for supper. Laughter and idle chatting can be heard around the table and from the folks sitting at the counter. As the first elimination has been completed all of them can relax… for now.

The screen fades, the theme music plays and the credits begin rolling:

Day 1
Brandon Zackery - 2LB 10 + 91 = 101
Danny Williams - 2LB 10 + 68 = 78
Gilbert Portis - 3LB 15 + 5 + 59 = 79
James Zamora - 2LB 10 + 64 + 74
Jesse Lomino - 2LB 10 + 55 = 65
Monte Woods - 1LB 5 + 59 = 64
Phillip Byrge - 2LB 10 + 41 = 51

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