Tuesday, March 3, 2009

FWAH: Episode 1 Page 4

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“Ah the lady of the hour, greetings Suzi, I am Monte.” He flashes her, his debonair self-assured smile. Having dealt with these men all day, she is starting to catch on to their antics and simply smiles in return.
“Monte, such a pleasure to meet you.”
“The pleasure is all mine, naturally.”
Gilbert feigns to be speaking to another contestant, “kiss her…”
“Hey. No coaching, Gilbert, you had your time with me, its Monte’s turn… I um… I mean…”
Monte chuckles and playfully shakes his finger at her, “now lets not be hasty… a kiss does sound like a splendid idea.”

Suzi feels as if she’s losing control of the conversation and some how Gilbert is winning and should not even be in it. “So have you tried farming before, Monte?”
“I gardened a bit in my youth, what child hasn’t earned spending money mowing the neighbor’s yard? But let’s not drift too far from the real subject here…”
“Just a peck, a small kiss… come on Monte, I dare you.”
Suzi does her best to ignore the both of them and concentrate on the farming and gardening subject.

Monte laughs at her sudden discomfort, “Aw come on Suzi, you’re just so much fun to tease.”
Suzi sighs softly, “I suppose so… I’m not sure if I enjoy being the butt of the joke, but its okay. I don’t get mad…”
Gilbert can be heard softly, “uh oh…”
“Shall we start over? I really did mow lawns as a kid. It was a drag, but it was a job and it gave me money to spend that the folks wouldn’t or couldn’t.”
“It was nice meeting you, Monty. I need to talk to one more before the sun goes down and I haven’t even started today’s work in the garden.”

Suzi moves to walk away when she’s turned around by a pair of strong hands, he takes a firm hold of her and gently kisses her. Once more taken by surprise, she look at him utterly speechless, “Thanks for being a good sport, Suzi. Even if I don’t win I hope we can be friends.”

Suzi approaches the last contestant, “There you are. I almost missed meeting you.”
“I… uh… oh, uh…” Jesse turns beat red, drops his gaze and quietly introduces himself, “I’m sorry. My name is Jesse.”
“Your ears turn red when you blush… just like mine… it is a pleasure to meet you, Jesse.”

She bites her lip watching him momentarily, deciding what kind of approach to take. “Do you do much gardening?”
“Oh no, no, no… gardening? Do you know what it does to my nails? The dirt alone under my nails is too frightening to even contemplate and the cracks and the chipping!”

Taken aback my this declaration, Suzi wonders if perhaps this man is lost. “You do realize you’re on a farm… where we work in a garden… with your hands?”
Jesse stares at his nails, he looks almost lost… mourning the fate of his nails… “They’ll be ruined. Ruined I tell you… how am I ever going to keep them clean?”

Looking sincerely concerned, “Don’t you ever worry about your nails?”
Suzi finds herself studying her own nails much like Jesse had moments ago, “I never gave it much thought really… I’ve always worked in a garden… even in college.”
Jesse nods solemnly, “I can tell…”

Suzi moves towards the house only to be stopped by Jesse. He firmly plants a kiss on her, “I’m sorry about your nails. I can help you save them if you like.”
Suzi stands utterly stunned and blinks a few times at him, “Thank you?”
Jesse gives her his shy smile, “You’re welcome.”

Stay tuned, ‘Farmer Wants’ will be right back


Anjel76 said...

I was hoping Jesse would be "the one" ... but I think he might be gay. :O))

CeeCee said...

Wow. Don't know if he did it on purpose or not, but Gilbert almost succeeded in torpedoing Monte there. I'm glad that he recovered well. (or I think he did)

Hopefully Jesse isn't gay but metro instead. Oh dear.