Tuesday, March 17, 2009

FWAH: Episode 2 Page 4

*Theme Music*

The taxi pulls up in front of the house, the driver honks the horn signaling its time to pick up the eliminated contestant.

The camera pans to the front door of the home in anticipation and fades briefly as the sound of footsteps grows louder. The screen comes back instantly as the door begins to open.

Monty walks slowly out of the door on his way to the taxi, he appears to be distracted and rubbing his back.

As he moves closer to the camera, he has a troubled, if not pained look upon his face. Perhaps unlike Phillip, Monty had not expected to be departing so soon.

“Pained? Me? No way…” Monty puts up a good front and then laughs. “Okay, ya I pulled something in my back. I put some icyhot on… can you smell it? Its bad, but whatever helps right? I’m not accustomed to losing. That said, I’m not really cut out for the farm life. I’m a white shirt kind of guy, not dirt under my nails.” Shrugs, “for what its worth, I had fun.”

Jesse grabs a plate from the buffet, “Oh yum, turkey. I love turkey.”
Danny watches as Jesse mounds his plate with food, “worked up an appetite I see.”
“This is good eats!” Jesse grins as he joins them at the table. “I’m sorry, Suzi. I’m a bit… ripe.”
James remains quiet, simply eating his salad, moving the leaves around for a bit then taking another bite.
“Are you okay, James?”
James looks at Suzi and gives her a sad smile, “Sure.”

“Maybe tomorrow night, I’ll cook up some of the fish we caught today.” James winces at her words and she bites her lip, “Oh… sorry James.”
“Its okay.”
His fork paused in midair, Jesse sits horrified. “Eat… the fish… the ones we caught today?” He shudders, “Man, I don’t know if I can eat something that I seen alive.”
Suzi pauses and debates on what to tell him, then looks pointedly outside at the small caged area out back near the pond and back at his plate. “Oh?”
Jesse looks at his plate, puts his fork down and pushes away from the table. “I think I’m going to be ill now.” He moves away and staggers upstairs holding his mouth.
The whole room laughs including James, “Thanks, I needed that laugh.” He looks out at the window towards the chicken coup. “Should someone tell him you only raise chickens, or let him suffer for a while longer?”

The screen fades, the theme music plays and the credits begin rolling:

Day 2
Brandon Zackery - 1 fish, 3 boots, 2LB 98+10+15+20= 143
Danny Williams - 3 fish, 2LB 84+30+20= 134
Gilbert Portis - 4 fish, 2 boots, 3LB 81+40+10+30= 161
James Zamora - 0 fish, 2LB 91+20= 111
Jesse Lomino - 2 fish, 1 boot, 2LB 85+20+5+20= 130
Monte Woods - 1 fish, 1LB 70+10+10= 90

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Anonymous said...

I'm not really surprised that Monty is leaving. He's been pretty quiet this round. I wonder what's going on with Jesse.

Anjel76 said...

Wow ... that was a surprise!! I wasn't expecting Monty to go so soon! :O\

What IS up with Jesse anyway? Is he a closet vegetarian?? That's usually how it starts, y'know. A person sees their food being killed ... and it totally puts them off of meat.

Suzi is adorable.

James got LUCKY! No fish ... but still ... he made it ... barely. :O)

Gilbert is TOTALLY making a killing. :O)

SuziCat said...

Ha ha, I AM awesome! :-) Aw, poor Monty, he was cute. :-( But there's plenty more fish in the pond, hee hee! Thanks for the me update! :-)

Anonymous said...

She has 3 bolts with Gilbert? He creeps me out! *shudder* I was surprised it was Monty who got sent home and not Jesse. Although Jesse is fun to have around. He's a great personality.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Not a good impression, boys, sleeping to the crack of noon!

Yes, I suspect the guys will make sure they're up for breakfast on time tomorrow. *grins, rubs her hands together, and waits through the commercial break to see how they fare*

Brandon has a smile on his face at least, despite hurting himself.

Poor Jesse can't handle weeds. Not that that's a surprise. ACK! Jesse, you're in your underwear! *giggles loudly, hand clamped over her mouth* Wow, and he's totally clueless too, eh? *boggles*

HA! I see Jesse wasn't the only one who didn't wake up early enough to so much as dress. *cackles*

I see nothing is getting past Gilber there though. :-)

Geeze, most of them are in their pj's still! *blinks* Slackers!

Congrats on your fish, Gilbert! Hehe, I love the conversation about being the worm. *giggles*

*blinks at Jesse* Er, yeah, really not sure what to make of Jesse here... Fish can't look sad, Jesse. Just unhook it and shove it into your bucket. Glad to see you made the right decision there, bub.

Wow, that's some fish Suzi caught! *cheers*

Poor James. *comforts* That's awesome that Brandon and Gilbert were upset that James didn't catch any fish.

Hmm, I suspect Gilbert's going to be hard to beat. *grins at the caress AND the sentiment behind it*

It's that time again... *peers at the front door* Wow, Monty, eh? Didn't see that one coming.

Glad he didn't take it hard at all though. :-) Ah, there's the buffet table! Poor James, I guess he's not used to losing, eh? Dude, it was just fishing. Chill out, 'kay?

*snickers* Oh yeah, Jesse is SO cut out to be a farmer! *cackles* HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Even better that there wasn't a turkey out there! *clutches her sides as she laughs*

Wow, Gilbert really shot ahead with the fish and boots! (Is that like Puss N Boots?) James needs to step up his game there, though. He's at the bottom of the rung now. (And please, please, do not let Jesse win!!)