Tuesday, March 17, 2009

FWAH: Episode 2 Page 3

*Theme Music*

The music fades as the pond comes in to focus, more laughter, more witty banter can be heard.

“Any of you guys fish before?” James peers at the pond to perhaps catch a glimpse of the elusive fish.
Each one responds in the negative, “Me either.” James sighs softly and continues to try to catch a fish. He looks around at the guys, “We’ve been here for a while, are you sure there are fish in there?”
“Whoa! Come to Daddy!” Gilbert’s first fish comes flying out of the water towards his waiting hand, he grins big and triumphantly as he catches the first fish of the day.
“Apparently so… Gilbert, I swear, you are the luckiest guy.” Gilbert looks across the pond at Danny and shrugs.

Jesse stares intently at the pond, concentrating hard, his brow furrowed, his look intense as if willing the fish to take his hook.
Brandon watches him quietly from across the pond, “Jesse, relax… you’re going to hurt yourself.”
Jesse blinks and looks over at Brandon, “Huh? Oh, I’m being the worm…”
Brandon stares at him blankly, “Be the… what are you going on about?”
Jesse is beside himself, “Didn’t you watch last season? Sariana did zen fishing. She chanted I am the worm. I am the worm.”
Brandon laughs and shakes his head, “Ya and what happened after that?”
Jesse looks confused momentarily, “She catches a fish?”
Danny points to Jesse’s line, “Hey worm, I think you got one.”

“Ack!” Jesse slowly gets up and rubs his behind, picking up his prize he grins at the others, “See? Sariana wouldn’t steer me wrong.”
The others start laughing. Jesse remains optimistic, “I’m telling you. It works.”

Jesse stares at the fish for a while unsure what to do with it. “Mine looks sad. Should I throw it back?”
Suzi walks up to the pond with a fishing pole and tackle. She smiles sympathetically at Jesse, “You could… but you’d be throwing away your chance for immunity. The choice is yours.” She begins expertly hooking the worm on to her pole and casts easily.
Jesse continues to stare sadly at his fish, “oh. well, I uh…”
Monty chimes in, “it’s a judgment call really, his life for your happiness. I don’t know about you, but fish is dang tasty and it’s definitely survival of the fittest.” He grabs hold of his wiggling catfish and grins at Jesse, “I have no qualms about killing this fish. Its all about survival.” He winks at Suzi and tosses his fish aside to be counted and continues fishing.
Jesse shrugs and tosses his fish in the growing pile. “Sorry fella. I like Suzi more than I like you.”

Suzi blushes softly at the high praise from the guys and nods towards Brandon. “You have a nibble, Brandon.”
The tip of Brandon’s pole dips suddenly as the bait is taken, “Sweet!”
“Oh!” Suzi jerks the tip of her pole and snags the fish, “apparently I do, too!” Reeling the fish in, she taunts it giving it a bit of line before reeling once more, pausing and reeling until the fish can be skimming the water.
“That’s a beauty you got there, Suzi” Gilbert watches with admiration at her skill.

Suzi stares at her fish for some time as others continue to fish. Gilbert watches her quietly for a bit, “Are you okay, Suzi?”
“Yes, its just… when I was a little girl, I fished in this pond with my father. I caught my first fish, it was as big as I was and it scared me so much when it wriggled in my hand, that I dropped him back in the water…”
Gilbert’s brow furrows in thought as he listens to her tale, “do you think that’s the same fish?” He nods at the fish in her hand.
She giggles, “No, the hook was still in his mouth and my father managed to grab hold of the line before it got away. Although this is the same type of fish and just about the same size.” She smiles and looks up at him, “It just brought back good memories.”

“Ugh that’s nasty!” Brandon holds up his ‘prize’ boot and stares at it with disgust.
James sighs softly, “At least you caught something. That counts for something.”
Brandon looks sympathetically over at James, “Ya, that’s true. You’ll be okay. You’ll get something.”
James grins at Brandon in appreciation of his ‘pep’ talk. He stares blankly at the pond and keeps trying.

The sun sets, the moon is high in the clear sky. The contestants put away their gear and the fish/boot tally begins.

“I swear it had to be this big!” Danny demonstrates with his hands wide as he over exaggerates his largest catch of the day.
Suzi smiles at him and lets him tell his tale of the one that didn’t get away. “Lucky for the others the tally isn’t in pounds then or you’d get the immunity card for sure.”
James says nothing, he simply walks in the house to wash up before the next contestant is sent packing.
Brandon and Gilbert watch him quietly. Brandon looks at the grass and back up at his retreating back, he glances at Gilbert quizzically, “Not even one?” Quietly Gilbert shakes his head. “Dang.”

Gilbert smiles sincerely, “Thank you.”
Suzi looks at him momentarily confused, “For what?”
He brushes away stray hairs, caressing her face as he looks in her eyes, “for sharing that memory with us. That was a very special moment in your life and yet you were willing to tell us about it. People can be so jaded and closed. You gave us a glimpse in to you… the real you… the private you… it was beautiful.”
Suzi’s heart skips a beat as she blushes softly in the moonlight, she reaches up to remove his hand and holds it in hers for a moment. “Thank you for understanding how important that moment was to me.”

The screen fades for a commercial break.

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Jesse, you are too funny! Dang, Gilbert, you seem a little too smooth for my tastes.