Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Season 7: Farmer Wants

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Welcome to ‘Farmer Wants’…
We would like to thank our loyal fans for their continued support in this our 7th season. This season’s farmer is from our very own little sleepy town of Over There. I am your host, Lynn Genet.

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Episode 1 - Meet and Greet
Episode 2 - Gone Fishing
Episode 3 - What's Cookin'?
Episode 4 - Cleaning out the Closet
Episode 5 - Final Three
Episode 6 - Final Elimination
Episode 7 - Final Elimination continues...


Originator and creative director hotchpot set up the initial rules. Producer/director of Season3, CeeCee further expanded on them. So here are the rules just as hotchpot posted them, with comments explaining the extra rules in blue as posted by producer/director of Season 6, Kethwyn:

The Rules
You'll need The Sims 2 Nightlife and The Sims 2 Seasons for this to work.


Step one: Make a farmer. This can be a man or woman, I've chosen man.
Step two: Give your farmer three motherlodes, and build him a house. It should have the following:
• Seven beds
• An orchard large enough for all the sims to work at once in it
• A green house (again, large enough for all sims to work in it)
• A fishing pond
NOTE: you will also need things like bookcases, chessboards, and either a pool or exercise equipment.
Step three: create seven contestant sims, and move them in one by one.


See who the Farmer is most compatible with. At the start of day 1, have your Farmer do two chats and a "Check Sim Out" with each contestant Sim. At 6 PM (or whenever your Farmer has done two chats and a "Check Sim Out" with each contestant Sim), someone must go! Here's how to figure it out.

Add each contestant's relationship score (from the Farmer's point of view) PLUS five points for each lightning bolt. The Sim with the lowest score leaves!

The "First Impression Clause"

Attraction and chemistry in the sims is a funny thing. It can speed up the growth of friendships and or make it harder for two sims to become friends, much less fall in love. Sims with three bolt matches are usually hard to come by, but they do happen... and they might happen while doing this challenge. My simming friend CeeCee posed the idea of an addendum to the first day which gives sims with such special chemistry a little extra boost. The "First Impression Clause". Sims with 3 bolt chemistry get an extra 5 points tacked on to their score for the first day only (you never get a second chance to make a first impression). It may not allow them to win the challenge, but it should hopefully help them make it to the second day. And such a scoring change makes sense to me because we've all met people we think are OMGHawt but turn out to be total @*%$ when we get to know them better.


A Farmer's wife has to be resourceful, and good in the outdoors. When the contestant Sims wake up, have them work in the garden all at once. Tell them all to Tend the orchard and the garden. If they stop tending, you can't make them go back and tend some more.

Later in the day, have all contestants go fishing, at the same time, in the pond. Again, if they walk away, you can't make them go back. Whoever has the most fish by 6 PM cannot be eliminated.

Tally the scores for Day Two like this:

Relationship score (from the Farmer's point of view) PLUS 10 points for each lightning bolt PLUS 5 points for each boot caught and 10 points for each fish caught. The person with the lowest score leaves.


A Farmer's wife must be a good cook! In the morning, same as Day Two, have your contestant Sims tend the garden and orchard. After that, make sure that everyone's needs are at about the same level, and have each contestant Sim study Cooking. If they say they are not in the mood or won't do it, you can't make them! If they study only for a little while and then get up, you can't make them go back.

Have your Farmer do one share interests and one gossip with each Sim.

At the end of the day tally scores like this: Relationship score PLUS 5 points for each Cooking point PLUS 10 points for each lightning bolt.

NOTE: by now your Farmer might be Best Friends or have a Crush on some of your contestant Sims. Give them 10 points for a crush (only if the FARMER has a crush) and 20 points if they're Best Friends. The person with the lowest score goes home.


A Farmer's wife has to be pretty clean. Have your remaining contestant Sims study cleaning. Same as the cooking challenge. In the afternoon, have the Farmer form a casual group with all the remaining Sims and go on a group date (it must be somewhere where they can eat a meal together).

At the end of the day, tally the points: Relationship PLUS 5 points for each Cooking Point PLUS 10 points for a crush, 20 points for Best Friends, and 10 points per lightning bolt.


A Farmer's wife has to be SMART: Have all contestant Sims sit down at their own chessboard, until 6 PM or until they all get up and leave. Get everyone's needs level up to about the same place and have them all go out for a group date--dancing!

When they get home, tally the points: Relationship PLUS 5 points for each Logic Point PLUS 10 points for a crush, 20 points for Best Friends, and 10 points per lightning bolt. If your Farmer Sim is in love with any contestant Sim, they get 50 extra points.


Your Sim will go on a Private Date/Outing with each of the two remaining contestant Sims. It's imperative that both contestant Sims do not go at once, or else you'll have a lot of angry Sims on your hands.

On the date attempt flirting and kissing. A kiss is 30 points, and a makeout is 50. A woohoo is 100. If your Sim rejects any of these, you will subtract 10 points from the final score.

Final scoring goes like this.
• Farmer's Relationship score PLUS Contestant's relationship score
• Then add up all the points your contestant Sim has gleaned: 10 points per point
• Then give 10 points for each lightning bolt.
• 10 points for a crush
• 20 points for Best Friends
• 50 points for in Love

When running her challenge, CeeCee noted one other thing: Badges aren't counted anywhere in the scoring. Contestants should have some sort of badge in gardening by now, and possibly one in fishing as well. CeeCee proposed a scale for badges as well, and I'm including those in my planning scoring too.
• Bronze Badge = 5 points
• Silver Badge = 10 points
• Gold Badge = 15 points

Then add the score for the Final Date: kisses, flirts, woohoos.
Whoever has the highest wins, and gets the Farmer, his house, the money, etc.


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