Friday, May 29, 2009

Episode 5: Final Three

*Theme Music*

The music fades as it tends to do, Lynn looks contemplatively at the unseen audience. She appears uneasy, as if unsure what to say or do. “Last episode was rather… interesting.” She looks down at her hands as she folds them neatly before her, “Our competitors in public for the first time was a near fiasco, although I admit it is good for ratings… not necessarily so great for our dear farmer.” Her slender shoulders shrug slightly as her mood visibly lightens, her bright smile once more adorning her face, any apprehension she may have felt clearly gone.
“Our last three remaining competitors will work up their skills and logic, our farmer will be preparing herself for another outing with the men… this time for a bit of fun on the dance floor. Our very own local ‘dance’ spot, while utterly unacceptable for this competition, has gracefully suggested another venue for us. I’m sure our men will be disappointed to hear they will not be dancing at the Randy Lady tonight.” Lynn’s eyes dance with humor as she laughs with the audience. “Oh I do apologize to those unfamiliar with our small town, we have but one ‘dance club’… or more accurately, a gentlemen’s club, if you will.” She leans a bit towards the camera as if to ‘whisper’ to the audience, “On the other hand, watching the contestants strip for our farmer would be much more entertaining!”
“The competition is wrapping up, only two more competitions and we’ll have a winner. I’ve enjoyed sharing this experience with you, our devoted audience and hope the next season will be just as entertaining. I’m Lynn Genet this season’s host to Farmer Wants… and it is time to join them down on the farm.”

The audience finds themselves once more in the farmhouse kitchen, this time following Brandon as he makes his way towards the refrigerator oblivious to the camera following him as he mutters to himself.
“Eggs, eggs, eggs… man that sounds nasty today… pancakes… ya that works, I don’t think I can stand the smell of eggs right now.”
He opens the refrigerator, pulls out eggs, milk and butter placing them on the counter. He reaches under the counter to the cabinet below and pulls out a bowl.

The camera pulls back to show our farmer sitting patiently at the table waiting for breakfast as the others come to join her.
“Good morning, Gorgeous!” Danny beams at her as he pulls a chair out for himself. His eyes narrow a bit as he glances behind him at Brandon in the kitchen, “Is it smart to let the man make breakfast for us?”
Suzi giggles at him and smiles at them both, “Good morning to you, handsome mortal. He insisted he could do this. I didn’t have the heart to tell him no.” She looks at the silent Gilbert, concern written clearly on her face, “Good morning, Gilbert.”
He gives her his lopsided grin, “Good morning.”
They all look up with concern towards the kitchen as soft swearing can be heard in the background. “Maybe I should help him…” Suzi excuses herself and walks towards the kitchen just as her phone rings.

Danny glances at Gilbert, “What are you waiting for?” Gilbert stares at him blankly, “Dude, have you told her about the maid?” He watches his face for a reaction, noting the lack of response he continues, “Look, I dig this chick. She’s a sweetheart… and if I had an ace up my sleeve like you do, I’d totally play it.” He shrugs lightly, “but hey, don’t tell her… it’s better for me and Brandon if you don’t.”
Gilbert sits quietly, his face not slipping from its mask of indifference simply shrugs noncommittally. Suzi’s voice can be heard softly speaking on the phone to what one can only guess to be a solicitor from what can be heard on her half of the conversation. More cursing can be heard behind them in the kitchen as the level escalates to near hysteria.

“Crap! Oh crap, Oh crap, Oh crap! Suzi! Where did you say that fire extinguisher is?” Brandon backs away from the stove fire, frantically looking around for the fire extinguisher. The kitchen quickly fills with the horrid stench of smoke and burned food, his eyes burn and he begins coughing.

His hands in his hair as he pulls at it in panic, his voice still near hysterics, “Oh crap what did I do?” He mutters to himself again and again.
From seemingly out of nowhere, Suzi is at his side, fire extinguisher in hand, she calmly takes over and works to extinguish the flames. “Brandon, back up. I need room to work…. Brandon! Snap out of it!”
Gilbert’s voice can be heard off screen calmly speaking to the authorities, an audible beep can be heard as he gives the address to the farmhouse. Danny’s heavy footsteps can be heard running towards the door, “I’ll look for the fire truck!”

Once more Suzi’s voice cuts through the commotion, “Brandon! Snap out of it and move back.” An audible ‘fwoosh’ can be heard as the flames engulf the range fully. “Gilbert!”
Danny can be heard returning only to be stopped at the front door by a fireman. “Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to wait outside.”
Gilbert is instantly by her side, ready to take over the fire extinguisher. She hands it off to him, “I have to cut the gas before the house blows, that’s a gas range!”
Gilbert simply nods, his full concentration on containing the flames, “Go! Suzi, don’t come back in the house… stay outside. Brandon… Brandon! Gods you’re useless.”
Suzi’s considerably lighter footsteps than Danny’s can be heard running off towards a door. Gilbert and the fireman work diligently to contain the fire.

Brandon’s hysteria can be heard as the crackling of the fire appears to be more under control than earlier.
Grudgingly Danny stays outside to be joined by Suzi. He slips a comforting arm around her and gives her a squeeze. “Don’t worry. It’s under control.”
Suzi blinks rapidly and stares up at Danny her eyes searching his. She looks towards the door as Gilbert comes jogging out with a very upset Brandon over the shoulder of a fireman.
Gilbert smirks as the fireman plants Brandon on the grass. “The fire appears to be out. We’re checking for damage and any hot spots, we’ll let you know as soon as it is safe to reenter the building… I take it this was a cooking fire?”
Gilbert looks at the frazzled Suzi and nods at the fireman, “Yes, sir. I believe those are pancakes you’ll find some where fried to the range.”
The fireman nods and goes back in to the house. As the screen fades it focuses one last time on Brandon as he sits on the grass, an oxygen mask held over his mouth by an EMT.

The camera is focused in the backyard, peering through the greenhouse walls Suzi can be seen pulling weeds and tending the crops. The quiet fills the air, the tension is tangible, the stress clearly evident as she rips the weeds forcibly from the ground.

The guys walk solemnly towards the greenhouse in order to assist Suzi, no words are spoken between the men. They just file out one by one on their way to do the morning chores.

Brandon stops momentarily at the door and stares at Suzi. Sheepishly he slips in and begins working. Danny clears his throat, giving Brandon a ‘look’ and nodding towards Suzi. Brandon shakes his head miserably and continues working.

Danny gives Brandon a look of disappointment and disgust. He walks to Suzi and gives her a hug. His strong arms around her he looks in to her eyes. “How are you holding up?” She gives him a weary smile, “I’m okay… really… you can stop worrying. Besides, the studio is going to give me a new range and fix any damage. Heck I may get a new kitchen out of this.”
Danny chuckles and kisses her forehead. “If you need someone to talk to, you know I’m here for you.”
She wraps her arms around his waist and gives him a hug. “Thanks Danny.”

The screen fades to black as the theme music is heard fading to commercial.

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Anjel76 said...

DOH!!!! Brandon! What did you DO man??! *shakes her head* And not even man enough to talk to suzi. *tsk, tsk, tsk*