Friday, May 29, 2009

FWAH: Episode 5 Page 2

*Theme Music*

The music continues to play as we find ourselves watching the back door of the farmhouse. The men step out wordlessly through the open door towards the awaiting chess tables placed on the deck.

Walking single file in a procession they approach their assigned chess tables and take a seat, the music fades to sounds of birds singing, chess pieces being placed and a random car driving past the front of the house.

“Dudes, you guys are totally killing me. I can’t stand this silent treatment any more. I didn’t do anything to deserve this. So get over yourselves already and say something.” Danny’s frustration clearly showing as he loudly places a moved piece.
Brandon clears his throat as if to say something, changing his mind and keeps quiet. Gilbert sighs rather loudly, “Listen. She knows… okay? Well, sort of. She introduced herself to Suzi this morning when the tv station had her come to clean the kitchen after…” he let the rest of the sentence fade unsaid.
Brandon growls, “After? After what Gilbert?”
Gilbert shrugs his broad shoulders, “After your incident with breakfast.”

“Dude, I won!” Danny applauds himself in his excitement.
Gilbert chuckles, “Grats.”
Brandon shakes his head, “You’re playing yourself. Of course you won. Who else could win?”
Undaunted, Danny beams proudly, “Ya but I won. That was way cool. I didn’t know I could play.”
Brandon scoffs, “You are so weird, Danny.”

Danny cleans up his pieces, sits, contemplates and starts a new game. “Hey. I won.” Danny looks up at Gilbert and grins huge, “That is so cool.”
Brandon shakes his head. “You’re both idiots.”
Gilbert laughs, “No we’re not. It’s a game… lighten up or you’re gonna have an aneurism.”

The longer they play the more intense Brandon becomes, the more relaxed Gilbert becomes and the happier Danny becomes. “Man, I’m digging this game.”
Gilbert grins and starts a new game. Brandon can be heard scoffing in the back. All eyes move towards the green house as a cell phone suddenly rings.

The camera pans towards Suzi who seems to be enjoying her conversation for a change, “How have you been?” She listens to the voice on the other end of the phone and laughs, her laughter dancing in the stillness around her. Other than a few well placed ‘mhms’, ‘ohs’ and ‘rights’ the conversation appears to be rather one sided. Her eyes widen considerably and she begins pacing, her voice lowers as she stumbles for a response.

“Seriously, now isn’t a good time.” She sighs softly and tries again, “Well, it could be because we’re still in the middle of taping the show and all of Simerica can hear me… other than that I can’t imagine why I wouldn’t want to discuss my personal life right at this exact moment.”
She stops her pacing and looks at the phone for a minute and puts it back to her ear. “You’re joking right?” She shakes her head as she listens, then bursts out in laughter. “Leave it to you to twist things to your favor. Fine, but if this backfires I blame you!” She listens briefly and takes a deep breath.
She glances at the camera crew and turns her back on them in order to talk more privately or at least to give her a feeling of privacy. “I can’t do it.” She shakes her head listening, “I know he deserves it, but I just can’t… it feels too childish. I’ll call you when all this is over.” She throws a glance towards the chess tables, “We’ll do dinner or something… no, I won’t let you cook. Some things don’t change regardless of what you claim.” She listens for a bit more, her face relaxed, her tension gone once more, “Give him a hug for me and congrats… lets hope the baby looks like him.”

The guys had been quietly eavesdropping on the one sided conversation as much as possible. They each start playing more rapidly as they realize her conversation is over. The back door closes, Brandon looks through the window watching her, “Interesting…”
Danny shrugs, “Dude if she doesn’t want to talk about it… you can’t make her.”
Brandon harrumphs ignoring the other two, the only sound from Gilbert is the sound of his chess pieces being manipulated across the board.

Suzi’s voice can be heard from inside the house as she calls to them through an open window, “Hey guys, the studio sent over some pizza… I suppose they’re still trying to make up for the fire.”
The guys clean up their individual tables and get up to stretch their legs and eat.
“I can’t feel my legs, how am I supposed to go dancing if I can’t feel my legs?”
Gilbert shrugs, “Don’t go… I’m not.”

Danny stares at Gilbert’s retreating back as if he couldn’t believe what he just heard. “You’re ‘not’ going?” He reaches out and grabs hold of his shoulder to stop him from walking away. “Dude, that is a serious mistake. You should so go. I mean, its part of the competition… you don’t go… you don’t get to spend time with Suzi…”
Brandon grins triumphantly, “That’s okay… don’t go… we don’t need you to have a good time.”
Danny shakes his head and lets go of his shoulder. Gilbert gives him a half smile, “Just take care of her… okay?” They both look as the smug Brandon walks in to the house, “And watch him…”

The screen fades to black as the theme music is heard fading to commercial.

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