Tuesday, May 19, 2009

FWAH: Episode 4 Page 3

*Theme Music*

Suzi walks out of her room for the evening’s event. Spotting James she smiles as he grabs the book in order to replace it on the bookshelf. “I want to thank you guys for cleaning the house today. It looks fabulous.”
James pauses with the book in his hand confused, “we didn’t… he didn’t…”
“James?” She shakes her head slowly, “I’m afraid I don’t understand.”
James is suddenly faced with a dilemma, to tell the truth would be helping Gilbert, get caught in a lie would hurt him.
Suzi watches the emotions of conflict fly across his handsome face, “Its okay, James. I just wanted to say thanks.”

James reaches the taxi first and opens the door, he stands back to allow Suzi to enter first. She smiles at him in contemplation while the sound of the others approaching can be heard. James clears his throat, “You look beautiful, Suzi.”
She smiles up at him, “Thank you, James.”
“James, my man… what are you thinking?” James looks over at Gilbert, confusion clearly written on his face.

“She will wrinkle her dress, she should sit up front.” Brandon beams knowing the answer.
Gilbert chuckles, “Not to mention us killing each other for the chance to sit next to her if she sits in the back…”
Brandon’s smile fades as he shoots a dirty look at Gilbert.

“Well now, I don’t want any blood shed on my account!” Suzi quickly opens the door front passenger door and with a visible sigh of relief slips in to the front seat.

The camera focuses once more joining the group at the Botanical Diner. A woman is greeted by the host as the farmer and entourage waits their turn. The farmer tilts her head as she looks at the woman standing before her and watches her walk away to be seated.
“A friend of yours?”
Suzi’s attention is brought back by James’ words. “No, but I can’t help but feel as if I’ve seen her before.” She smiles at him briefly, “then again Over There isn’t exactly a large town, so I’m sure I’ve seen here around.”
Her body immediately tenses, her heart races, a gasp escapes her as a strong hand suddenly comes to rest easily and familiarly upon her lower back. He came from seemingly no where as her attention had been on James. The scent of him fills her senses as he leans in to whisper in her ear. She looks up at him at a loss for words, looks around nervously, nods and follows him without a word.

Gilbert’s breathing is ragged, he fights for control as he leans in and kisses her softly, resisting the urge to wrap his arms around her and ravaging her lips. His voice is husky, he feels her tremble at his touch. His breath tickles her ear as he leans his cheek against hers, “I’m glad you’re doing better. Maybe one day you’ll tell me what happened?”
Pulling back reluctantly, looking up at him breathlessly, her tongue runs across her just kissed lips, “Maybe.”
The host clears his throat and interrupts their private moment, “Pardon Sir, Madame, your table is ready.”

Suzi looks around a bit confused. She looks from Gilbert to James in hopes for some clarification. They sit noncommittally drinking their water not giving her any answers. “Okay I give up.” She points across the room, “I showered… twice! Why is Danny way over there when there is an empty seat next to me?” She pauses and frowns, “And why ‘are’ there two empty seats? Where is Brandon?”
James nods towards the men’s room with an apologetic shrug. “I think all the excitement kinda got to him. He mentioned something about calming his nerves and stomach.”
“And Danny?”
The guys turn their heads and look over at Danny sitting at a table by himself.

Danny sips his water, grins over his shoulder at Suzi, “Ya?”
“Danny, what are you doing over there?”
He looks around suddenly as if in utter surprise, “Brandon was here a minute ago…”
Suzi does her best to suppress her giggles.

Their food arrives, Brandon is still missing and Suzi’s pleas to Danny go unfulfilled. She finally gives up and smiles at the waiter who has brought their food, “Thank you.”
“You are most welcome. Bon Appetite”
Gilbert gives a quick glance over his shoulder, leans in as if to impart a very important secret. “You want to know why Danny isn’t sitting next to you?”
“Yes!” She looks at Gilbert as if he’d lost his mind, seeing how she just spent the last 20 minutes pleading with the man.

Gilbert motions over his shoulder. “He doesn’t care for audiences when he's eating.” He takes his fork and digs in. Suzi simply looks up at the man standing near by. She hadn’t noticed him standing there. Her attention had been so fixed on Danny.
Brandon makes his appearance. He moves a bit slowly as if measuring his steps, looking at his feet as he walks.

Brandon sits down heavily next to Suzi, leans back in his chair and looks around the table. He spots Danny at the far table and motions towards him with a small nod, “What’s up with him?”
Gilbert’s eyes narrow, “Had you been here you would have heard us going through that conversation already…”
Brandon eyes him quietly, “I see.”
Gilbert eyes him suspiciously. Brandon’s gaze drops to Suzi, he leans closer in an attempt to whisper in her ear, “You look great.” His breath hot on her bare skin.

James stares at his bowl of chili, “Is it too late for me to join Danny?”
Suzi leans forward and lowers her voice, “Yes! Don’t you move from your seat… what if he thinks he can sit down when you leave?!”
James nods quietly, “okay…” He sighs softly and tries to eat his food feeling like a freak on display.

The restaurant sounds are replaced with the theme music as the screen fades to commercial.

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Anjel76 said...

All of these guys are lovable. QUIRKY! But lovable. And OOOh! A private moment between suzi and Gilbert! :O) ME likey! Don't you hate it when the party doesn't all sit together? >:O( And ... uhhh ... what's up with James? *is confuzzled* And what's with the freaky-lookin' dude behind James? :O))