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FWAH: Episode 4 Page 4

*Theme Music*

Theme music fades as the restaurant noise takes over. The group at the table still has their stalker. Paying him no attention they continue their evening.
Suzi looks at Brandon with concern, “Are you sure you’re okay? All those trips to the bathroom… I’m really starting to worry about you.”
Brandon shrugs, “Nah, I'm good.”
Gilbert eyes him quietly still saying nothing.
James leans forward earnestly, “Think he will get tired before we leave?”
Suzi steals a glance at the stalker, “If I were a betting person, I’d have to bet no.” She stifles a yawn, “Oh… sorry.”
James brings his first down on the table. “This has gone on long enough. This is getting ridiculous.”
Gilbert hits James’ arm playfully, “No need for dramatics, we can handle this. On second thought, dramatics may be just what we need. Follow my lead.” Gilbert smiles across the table at Suzi and winks.

The waitress approaches the man, “Sir, I’ve asked you to please step away from the table. I’d rather not have to get management involved.” She smiles softly, “you appear to be a reasonable sort of guy…”
He looks around almost stunned, “Me? I’m not bothering anyone…”
The waitress pauses, “Actually, Sir, these particular patrons have been more than polite in allowing you to stand and hover… its beginning to annoy others.”
He looks around at other patrons, his nose flaring, his eyes closing in to a hard squint, “Who? Show me.”
“Miss, we’re ready for our bill please.” Brandon catches her eye and gives her a huge grin.
Hesitantly she nods, her voice waivers with uncertainty, “Erm, yes Sir, right away.”

As the farmer and her entourage prepare to leave, he quickly steps up to Suzi, invading her personal space. Her soft eyes grow large with surprise and a touch of fear at being approached so abruptly. “Oh!”
Gilbert chuckles, “Hold on Casanova… not so fast. You see the lady is not alone. You really don’t want to take all of us on, now do you?”
The stalker fan is momentarily stunned and looks from Suzi to the men and back again, his mouth opens to speak and then closes again. He repeats this a few times with uncertainty.
Brandon snorts, “He looks like a fish.”

Danny had been approaching the table, taking in the situation, he winks at Suzi. “This is the trouble with gorgeous women… you can’t take them any where.”
Suzi smiles at Danny as he smoothly diverts the tension that was building. “Yes, it’s the same with gorgeous men and I’ve had to contend with four of them. I do feel your pain.”

Gilbert manages to position himself between the man and Suzi, “Come now, you can’t blame us for all the men in the restaurant staring at our table. You have four men fawning over you. They’re bound to be curious what sort of magic hold a siren such as you holds over us mere mortals.”
Suzi bites her lip to keep from giggling, noting his smooth move as the stalker steps back instantly. He looks utterly confused by the odd behavior and looks from Suzi to the two men that arrange themselves around her in a protective cocoon of sorts.

Danny smoothly diverts her attention to him once more, taking her hand in his and guiding her closer to him. Still grinning they continue, “Lady Siren, how can we mere mortals ever hope to survive in your midst. How can we live up to your level of grace and beauty?” He kisses the back of her hand, slowly kissing up her arm and playfully biting her shoulder.
In spite of the playful words, the feel of his lips on her skin leaves her tingling, her heart races as he bites her shoulder softly and she fights to keep her composure.
His lips on her neck as his voice, just over a whisper for her ears only, “You’re irresistible.”
Responding breathlessly, “Mortal, I do believe you are over stepping your boundaries. You must worship me… endlessly…” she grins mischievously, “and on your knees!”
They laugh together easily and he bows gracefully before her.
Gilbert turns his attention to the stalker, “Seriously. We’re leaving. I suggest you try the salmon, it’s quite good.”
Still stunned he finally finds his voice, “I… I just wanted an autograph.”
“Is that all?” Gilbert laughs, “What’s your name?”
The man stands visibly taller, “My name is Brian… my friends call me BJ.”
Gilbert shakes his hand, “Pleasure BJ, I’m Gilbert. I’ll tell you what I’m going to do just for you. You leave your name and address with the Host here. I’ll make sure the studio sends you an autographed photo of her in the mail.”
Visibly pleased with the turn of events, BJ heads to the host.

Suzi smirks at Gilbert placing a hand firmly on her hip, “Oh really… and what makes you think I will pose for a photo for the studio?”
Gilbert smirks back, “Simple. You’ve already posed for them, all the promos, all of the billboards… I’m sure they have a few dozen to choose from.”
Suzi throws her head back with a laugh, “The man has an answer for everything. Is there anything you can’t solve?”
Gilbert gets a mischievous grin and a twinkle in his eye that causes a deep blush to creep over her. She finds herself swooning over his confidence and gets a bit annoyed with herself.

“Listen whatever it is you’re thinking… don’t.”
Brandon looks a bit stunned and shrugs feigning ignorance, his words rushed, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
James grins knowingly, “I saw that look. Listen we know Gilbert and his ways. He plays by his own rules. Whatever you’re planning to put yourself ahead of him will need to be big… hell, huge. Only I don’t know if I like the look in your eyes right now. Make sure you have a level head when you attempt what it is you think you’re going to attempt.”
Brandon’s brow furrows as he contemplates James’ words. “I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks.”

Brandon grins at Suzi and gently squeezes her shoulder, “Our ride is almost here. You’re really something Suzi. You handled that situation better than I did. I’m impressed.”
She giggles at his compliment, “Thanks, Brandon… but it wasn’t as if I was alone in that, Danny and Gilbert had more to do with it than I did. I just simply followed their lead, just as Gilbert suggested.”
Brandon’s look tensed slightly at the praise she had given Gilbert, but let his face smooth back to a smile instantly. “Right. Of course.”

“Mommy, look! Look, Mommy, they’re from TV!”
“Shhh, not so loud and don’t stare… oh for Gods’ sake don’t point and gawk either!”
Suzi looks over the rail at a little girl no older than five, holding her horrified mother’s hand. The little girl waves enthusiastically at Suzi as her mother tries to pull her daughter away. She blushes deeply as Suzi giggles.
Suzi calls to the little girl, “Always listen to your mom.” She waves back.
“Okay!” The girl waves once more and takes her mother’s hand in both of hers, yanking at it for her attention, she looks up at her with a renewed look of awe, enthusiasm and innocence, “Mommy, the nice TV lady said I haveta listen to you… she’s smart Mommy, cause you always says that I haveta listen to you… how did she know, Mommy? Do you know the TV lady, Mommy?”
The mother looks at Suzi a bit surprised and very grateful, she mouths ‘Thank you’ as they smile at each other the camera fades to black.

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Anjel76 said...

ooOOoh! So that was the deal. Just a fan who wanted an autograph. I thought everyone handled things well. And ... it looks like things are going to start heating up between our remaining contestants over the honor of being with suzi. :O) I'm so JEALOUS!