Tuesday, May 19, 2009

FWAH: Episode 4 Page 2

*Theme Music*

The music begins to fade as the camera focuses on the two in the kitchen, a distracted farmer and one concerned contestant.
“Sorry I over slept. I’ve just been having a bit of trouble falling asleep lately… uh… Suzi? Are you okay?” James takes a step forward, placing his right hand hesitantly on her arm giving it a gentle squeeze.
Suzi looks up at him as the lull in the conversation grows, panic apparent in her eyes as they search his. Finally she shrugs her slender shoulders noncommittally and gives him a small grin. He visibly relaxes and lets go of her arm.
“I need to help the guys in the garden. If you need me, you know where to find me. You know you can talk to me about anything… okay?” He watches her closely as if gauging her response. When she simply nods he doesn’t leave her immediately. His eyes search her face, their eyes meet and kisses her forehead.

Lost in his thoughts, James heads out to join the others. He automatically walks in to the garden with out speaking and reaches down to pull at the weeds as was their morning routine. He pauses, stands and looks at his empty hand in confusion. “Hey… what happened to the plants?”
The others have been diligently replanting the crops and salvaging what they could. “Let’s not mention this to Suzi, okay? She’s already stressing…”
“That doesn’t answer my question… but okay…” with a small shrug of his broad shoulders he looks around momentarily and starts the replanting with the others.

Gilbert pauses, water can in hand, “Huh…”
James looks over at him, “What?”
Brandon and Danny laugh at the small inside joke as James looks at them a bit confused. Gilbert’s voice brings him back to his original outburst. “Nothing… its just… I dunno, suddenly this gardening stuff makes a bit more sense.”
Brandon grins knowingly as Danny scratches his head.

“Huh… me too…” James grins at Gilbert and points to the dormant plants, “I think I finally understand… well not ‘everything’ but still… more than before… yanno?”
Brandon and Gilbert nod in understanding as Danny looks at them as if they’ve lost their minds. “You guys are weird.”

The camera catches a glimpse of a towel clad Suzi as she walks in to the small sauna. She firmly closes the door behind her with out a glance at the faltering footsteps behind her. She briefly stands with her back to the door waiting to see if the person connected to the footsteps would follow her. With a sigh of relief she takes a seat allowing the steam of the sauna to sweat her stress away.

Brandon looks around, “Well that ought to do it.” He grins at the other two. His grin slipping to a frown, which quickly turns to anger, “Where’s Gilbert?” His voice takes on an aggravated edge, he can’t recall how long the fourth contestant has been gone or where he has gone off to.
Danny looks towards the house then back at Brandon shrugging, “he said he had to go to the bathroom.”

The sound of the keyboard keys clicking is only interrupted by occasional ‘hmm’ing and a ‘huh’ here and there. Gilbert sits back grinning like a Cheshire cat and waits.

Suzi relaxes. The heat of the sauna doing its job to relieve some of her tension, she sits back propping herself on her elbows, stretching her legs out before her she closes her eyes and inhales deeply, the heat warming her lungs.

He hears a car pull up to the house, he walks to the window to look out front and opens the front door moments before she can ring the doorbell.
Gilbert smiles his most charming smile, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you. I’m glad you could come on such short notice.” He takes her things and ushers her inside.

Brandon comes storming in to the house, his steps faltering as he spots Gilbert sans Suzi. His mood not wavering, as he stares down the subject of his annoyance, without realizing it, his eyes begin canvassing the area for a glimpse of her.
Brandon snorts at the suggestion.

“Easy for you to say… where were you? What are you up to?”
Gilbert simply grins and shrugs. “Is it time to read the cleaning stuff? Can’t say I’m really looking forward to it, but if that’s what’s next on the agenda…”
Brandon eyes him suspiciously before nodding. “Ya.”

Brandon contemplates his reading choices, or at least appears to as his mind races, “So uh… you’re not gonna answer me, huh?”
“You realize two can play that game… don’t you?”
Gilbert grins over his shoulder as a very seductive voice interrupts, “I’m sorry to bother you…”

Brandon falters once more, he’s staggered by the intruder to their sheltered little world. He moves towards the couch grabbing the first thing his hand falls upon. “I’m staying out of this one…”
James stands flummoxed, book in hand he stares incomprehensibly at the woman. Danny stays by the back door appreciating the view before them. “Nice! Very nice… now that’s something.” Brandon scowls at Danny and he laughs, “Dude you’re just sore because you didn’t think of it first.”
Gilbert chuckles and approaches the maid, “No prob. What’s up?”
The maid flashes her smile and smooths her uniform subconsciously as Danny continues to visually appreciate her. “I’ve finished upstairs.”
“Great, there is the kitchen and one bathroom down here. Allow me,” Gilbert ushers her once more through the house.

Hours later Danny suddenly begins to chuckle to himself. The others accustomed to odd outbursts from each other during these forced study times simply ignore him.
“Dude… seriously… stroke of genius.” The others look up at him, Gilbert grins, the other two simply look at him.
“Okay I give… what is?” James prompts him.
Danny points to Gilbert, “Hiring a maid to take care of the house… did you see Suzi today? She’s like frazzled about something. We aren’t great at cleaning… we move dirt around is more accurate so hiring that chick was smart.”
“Not to mention she was…” James’ sentence fades unspoken as the others all mumble in agreement.

The screen goes dark before breaking for a commercial.

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Anjel76 said...

I think it's so great that all of the guys are so ... they all really like suzi. :O)) I think it's her big eyes. Guys just fall into them or something. :O) And that was absolutely wonderful of Gilbert to hire that maid. If suzi doesn't choose him, send him to me. I wants him. I does!