Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Episode 1 - Meet and Greet

*Theme Music*


As the theme music to ‘Farmer Wants’ fades, the lovely host smiles brightly in to the camera, her eyes sparkle from the overhead lighting as she speaks enthusiastically to the unseen audience. “Welcome to ‘Farmer Wants’… the time has come to put the contestants in the home and see how well they get along with our farmer. Will the testosterone choke her, or will she be able to hold her own in a house full of men vying for her attention.” Lynn pauses thoughtfully and contemplates, “Hmm, maybe I need to… um… nah, I enjoy my job…” Playfully she giggles and the camera cuts to the farm.


A taxi driver honks his horn impatiently in an attempt to hurry the men out of his vehicle. Didn’t they know he had other places to be? Suzi lowers her binoculars, “Oh darn, it flew away.”
The sounds of men exiting the taxis, stretching and other nonsensical what nots can be heard in the background. Suzi takes a deep breath and plasters a hesitant smile on her lips, ready to meet the men at last… she turns to face the seven gorgeous men and staggers slightly, resisting the urge to fan herself as she feels the heat rise in her cheeks.
She raises a hand tentatively in a small wave, “Hi Guys, I’m… well obviously, I’m Suzi. Welcome to my home. I look forward to meeting you all and I hope you enjoy your stay.” Her cheeks burn red as she blushes deeply before dropping her gaze suddenly unable to make eye contact with any of them.


Her shy greeting is met with humor and sympathy and even empathy, she struggles to continue, “Your things arrived early this morning. You’ll find your luggage in a room, the uh… the network decided who roomed and where.”
A deep voice is heard calling out, “Which one’s your room?”
Suzi laughs easily, meets his gaze and without skipping a beat, “the one farthest from yours.”
The group laughs easily and the introductions have begun…


Suzi looks hesitantly around at the guys not sure who to speak to first. The guys seem to take to each other rather quickly as she musters her confidence and greets him, “Hi.”
“Hi yourself, I’m Phillip… erm… just uh, Phillip.” He eyes her somewhat suspiciously, “you don’t really care what my last name is do you?”
“Not if you’re uncomfortable in telling me… besides, I believe there is some sort of clause in the contract where I’m not allowed to ask your last name.”
“So you like to play thing by the book?”


Suzi contemplates her response for a moment, debating on honesty or a safe response and throws caution to the wind. “It depends really. I prefer to stir things up, do things on my terms. Things don’t always go my way but that’s the risk you have to take.”
Phillip is confused and rather taken aback, “really? Why? Rules are there to protect you. To keep things in order. All nice and tidy.”


Suzi is astounded by this revelation yet tries again. “To an extent I suppose so, but most rules are set as guidelines. You have to take a chance, put yourself out there and see what happens. Otherwise where is the fun in life?”
Phillip can’t believe his ears and tries his best to straighten her out down the path of the straight and narrow. “That is how people have accidents, that’s why we have crime and unemployment and pollution… if people followed the rules, we could be living in a more utopian city!”
“Boring! Where is the fun in that? I’m not saying go out and kill someone… I’m just saying to stir things up, color outside the lines, think outside the box just for the fun of it… take a risk Phillip! Live!”


“You’re wrong, Suzi. You couldn’t be more wrong.”
“Isn’t it possible to simply disagree, why do I have to be wrong?”
“Because you are!”
First impressions are rather fickle things, you don’t get another chance at them… that did not go as well as hoped. Suzi was a bit hesitant to speak to any of the others after this, yet she had six more men to speak to and some gardening to tend to. “It was… interesting meeting you, Phillip.”

The screen fades as the logo flashes across the screen with the announcer’s voice heard clearly over the music, “Farmer Wants will return after this brief message.”


Anjel76 said...

Phillip ... you're an idiot. *nods*

CeeCee said...

Phillip? Meet stick.
Stick? Meet Phillip's a$$.

Oh, I see you already know each other quite well.