Tuesday, March 3, 2009

FWAH: Episode 1 Page 6

*Theme Music*

The commercial break comes to an end and we find ourselves watching the front doors once more. Footsteps can be heard as the doors open.

Out steps Phillip on his way to the waiting taxi. He walks quickly with a purposeful stride.

As he moves closer to the camera, it shows his confident little grin firmly in place. He doesn’t appear upset at all as he leaves the house.

Phillip shrugs, “What can I say. I’m not surprised, are you? I mean… we just didn’t hit it off. I’m lawful good, where she is chaotic neutral, it just wouldn’t have worked, yanno?” He pauses and grins, “I do wish her luck though, she is a nice girl.”

Danny walks in to the kitchen sniffing, “Something smells good. What’s that you’re cooking?”
Suzi doesn’t take her eyes from her task, “its just spaghetti, a family recipe.”
“Can I help?”
Suzi smiles and glances over her shoulder, “you can set the table or make a salad. The sauce is almost ready.”

Danny perks up feeling useful at last and moves to help out, Brandon hearing the need for aid in the kitchen comes to pitch in. “Hey Danny, I’m pretty good at making salads, why don’t you take care of setting the table.”
Danny grins and agrees, the wondrous aroma fills the room with warmth and a homey feeling.

Danny pauses and looks around a bit lost… he looks left and right, he opens cabinets and cupboards, pulling out drawers until Suzi giggles, “The plates are over here Danny.”
Feeling a bit foolish he tries to cover his embarrassment with a touch of humor, “I knew that…” He looks at Suzi to see if she believes him and laughs as he watches her shoulders shake with laughter.

The enticing aroma of supper has drifted throughout the house, and more men spill in to the kitchen eager to expedite the process in order to fill their bellies.
“A woman with a sense of humor, looks and can cook. How is it you’re still single Suzi?”
Suzi glances over her shoulder not at all surprised to see Gilbert and simply smiles, “Dinner is ready.”

The remaining men join their hostess for supper. Laughter and idle chatting can be heard around the table and from the folks sitting at the counter. As the first elimination has been completed all of them can relax… for now.

The screen fades, the theme music plays and the credits begin rolling:

Day 1
Brandon Zackery - 2LB 10 + 91 = 101
Danny Williams - 2LB 10 + 68 = 78
Gilbert Portis - 3LB 15 + 5 + 59 = 79
James Zamora - 2LB 10 + 64 + 74
Jesse Lomino - 2LB 10 + 55 = 65
Monte Woods - 1LB 5 + 59 = 64
Phillip Byrge - 2LB 10 + 41 = 51

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Tracy said...

nice! I like the way you wrote the converstations.. :) I especially like the "I dare you to kiss her." LOL

*resists urge to jump on the farmer haystack... er... wagon...*

Anonymous said...

As arrogant as Gilbert seemed, I like him for the win. Or James.

kimbalaya said...

I agree... even though Gilbert seems a bit cocky, there's just something I like about him. I wasn't at all surprised to see they have 3LB. James was my second choice, too!

SuziCat said...

Yow, a 3 bolt match??? I so rarely see those! I'm curious if you made my turn ons my actual turn ons. :-) And I do cook a mean spaghetti! :-) Very fun (if a bit surreal for me) so far!!!

The SuziCat

Anjel76 said...

Am I the only one who commented on every page? :O))) Hehe.

Yup. Phillip was at the top of my list of guys who needed to GTF out. :OD)) Hehe. He and Suzi just did NOT hit it off. :O)

Wow ... Gilbert has 3 bolts with her?! NICE! :OD))

CeeCee said...

*waves b-bye at Phillip and his stick*

Monte and Jesse really need to step it up a little bit. They're way too close to the bottom for my liking. Especially with a 3LB out there competing as well.

Ok, I'm gonna be strong here and resist the urge to start a new FWA_ again.

Anonymous said...

Well Suzi has an interesting cast of characters on her hands. I'm not too surprised Philip was the first to go. Their first conversation was a bit, er, awkward to say the least.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

*glances over her comments* Um, uh, prepare for a novel! *blushes deeply*

Hehe, cute intro to this episode. :-D

Ha! I love Suzi's shirt! *giggles*

*gigglesnorts* Yup, I'd say the cameras are worth it, if that's her reaction to seeing them. *scrolls down* HEY! CLOSE UPS! we need close ups! *stomps her foot*

Heh, good answer there, Suzi! "Farthest from yours." *grins*

Phillip sounds boring. Breaking the rules occasionally is fun! Hmm, yeah, I don't like Phillip's chances here. *makes a face*

*giggles at Danny* Good for you to try and make her feel a little more comfortable. :-D

*frowns at Suzi* Why the sudden urge to flee, missy? It sounds like you two are enjoying the conversation. Poor Danny. *offers to comfort the hunk* Suzi's not handling this too well yet, is she. *tsks*

Well, the conversation with Gilbert -SEEMS- to be going well... *continues reading* Haha, good for you, Gilbert! I like him, not gonna let her get away with much of anything. :-D

*blinks at Brandon* Do we even get to see his face? Or is he outta there too fast for the cameras to catch him? *blinks for several minutes* Well... geeze. Okay, um, that's quite the change there, Brandon! Goes from acting like a child to kissing her? *blinks again* Oh, Brandon, don't let the confidence slip there, buddy. You left her stunned!

*raises an eyebrow at Gilbert* Whew, okay, I'm thinking my Jacob had it EASY!!! He may be as shy as Suzi, but at least he women there, only Magic being the aggressive one in the bunch. *comforts Suzi*

James seems like he's a lot like Suzi. Concerned for others and willing to throw the rule book out occasionally. :-D *giggles at James' response to Suzi's question*

*in a sing-song voice* I think Suzi likes James. *grins*

Geeze, these guys are really pushing things here! *pokes Monte* No need to be quite so forward, boys. Why is Gilbert so interested in seeing Monte kiss Suzi?

*blinks* Geeze, another one kissing her on the first day. (Gotta love ACR! I had it turned off in my game or I suspect Magic would have stolen the competition by day 2.)

Hiya Jesse! *waves* Um... is Jesse aware that he's on a show called "FARMER Wants A..."? That tends to imply GARDENING, dude. Tcha, RUDE there, Jesse! Very rude. *shakes her head*

*blinks* And then HE kisses her TOO?!? Nice ending line, that you can help her save her nails. *rolls her eyes*

Interesting - I made sure there was a full garden with weeds to tend before the contestants showed up. But I guess you get weeds even day 2, don't you?

I like the final thoughts of the guys before the elimination. :-) ACK! What do you mean, another commercial! *hmphs*

Bye Phillip! Totally not surprised. There were a few others I thought woulda matched him, but they all kissed her! *chuckles*

That was sweet of Danny to offer to help out. :-D (You didn't get the buffet table?!? Crazy woman!) Looks like the kitchen is a good safe place to hang out.

For the scores - I'm sort of assuming the first number is the lifetime score and the second is the daily? It's kinda backwards of how most folks do it, but otherwise, that's HIGH! Oh, wait, nevermind. It's the bolt score and then the relationship score. Nevermind. *blush* Lots of attraction going on there though. :-D I'm kinda surprised Brandon's score is so high, considering he SHOVED HIS FINGERS IN HIS EARS!!

I think I like James best of all, then Gilbert. *nods*

*tickles Ange* Nope, I think CeeCee commented on most of 'em. I always wait until the end of the chapter for my comments though, no matter how many spots there are to do so. Probably a hold-over from blogger, where you could comment after every picture, but it took for-freakin'-ever to load back and forth, so I held all my comments until the end. *grins*