Tuesday, March 3, 2009

FWAH: Episode 1 Page 3

*Theme Music*

Suzi looks at Brandon apprehensively, “Well, I’ve had some rather interesting conversations so far. I’m starting to wonder what I’ve gotten myself in to.”
Brandon taps his chin as if pondering an idea, “Hmmm, we could send them all home and you and I could simply get to know each other easier that way… no pressure, no cameras, just you and me…”
“Do those kinds of lines work for you? Don’t get me wrong, you’re handsome but really…”

In an unexpected move, Brandon puts his fingers in his ears to drown her voice out, “No, no… I won’t listen to this negativity…”
Suzi throws her hands up in defeat, “What? What did I say?”
“La, la, la… I can’t hear you… if I can’t hear you, it can’t affect me.”

Suzi panics once more, these first moments with these guys were not going how she thought they should, or at least might go… this was not how she pictured things at all. “Okay! I’m sorry… uh…” she stops short realizing, “I um… don’t know your name.”
“Oh! Brandon… I’m Brandon… and you’re our lovely host, Suzi.” Crisis apparently averted for the moment, Brandon is back to his usual self… whatever that may be.
Suzi finds herself breathing once more. “Actually, the host is Lynn, the lovely host, Lynn… I’m Suzi, the farmer.”

Brandon reaches for Suzi, gently pulling her to him and kisses her lips softly. Suzi finds herself utterly stunned and breathless. She bats her eyes trying to focus on what is happening and wondering how she came to be in his arms so effortlessly. His voice finally breaking whatever spell he has her under, “you tell me… does it work for you… Suzi, the lovely farmer.”

Suzi looks at Brandon with a dazed look, “what just happened?”
Brandon fidgets slightly, his confidence slipping. “I kissed you.”
She nods as if to herself, confirming she is not insane and that yes, this truly did happen, “that’s what I thought… wow… okay…” She begins backing away a few steps, “I uh… need to greet some of… um… others.”

Gilbert leans closer inspecting her lips with his teasing grin planted firmly on his own. “You’re blushing…”
Horrified, Suzi leans back trying to hide the fact that yes, indeed she was blushing once more. “Am not…”
Gilbert laughs good naturedly, “you’re beautiful when you blush, Suzi.” He brushes the hair from her eyes and walks away.

“Are you okay, Suzi? You look a bit… distracted…”
Suzi looks at him, blinks a few times, before his words register, “oh… oh yes… I’m sorry, I suppose I am a bit distracted. This meet and greet is lasting a lot longer than I had thought it would and… well I don’t know what I expected this to be like, but I don’t think this is at all what I imagined it would be.”
James’ eyebrows furrow with concern, “I hope it hasn’t been all bad for you… if you’d like you can skip me for now… I don’t want to burden you when you’ve got so much on your mind already.”

Suzi snaps out of her reverie, “Oh, no! I wouldn’t dream of it. How else can I get to know everyone if I don’t take the time to speak with each of you?”
James chuckles, “I didn’t mean altogether, I meant perhaps postponing… when you’re less distracted… less stressed…”
“You’re very kind… um…”
“You are very kind, James. Thank you for offering, its just they have us on a bit of a tight schedule and I think if we were to put this off any it would throw a real wrench in to their plans.”

“I don’t know, Suzi… throwing a wrench here and there may be necessary. If it means peace of mind for you, I say throw it… take a chance.”
Suzi smiles, “you rebel.”
“I like to shake things up occasionally, what can I say?”

Suzi pauses for a brief moment and plunges forward with her question, “how do you feel about organic farming?”
James blinks, looks at Suzi quietly and blinks again, “well now… interesting question and if we weren’t standing on a farm, I’d say a very random question.”
Suzi laughs in agreement, “True enough, but it is a serious question none the less.”

“A serious question deserves some thought then, but really there isn’t much to think on. Organic farming is the way to go in my opinion. Naturally I haven’t done any personally at least not on a grand scale. My small garden is organic, from the tomatoes, to the flowers, to my herbs… I prefer to use natural remedies opposed to harsh chemicals.”
“Is that a … good wow… or am I going to need to go inside and pack my things?”
“Don’t start packing, James… do us both a favor and stick around for a while.”

The screen darkens as a cartoon wrench goes flying to the television screen, the sound of glass breaking sends us off to another commercial break.


Anjel76 said...

Cartoon wrench? Television? Errr ... :O) hehe. I like James, too. My ... some of these guys are UNSTABLE!!!

CeeCee said...

*nods in agreement with Ange*

Ok, maybe they're just nervous, but it sure is coming across as seriously unstable.

Although it's still pretty blasted amusing! LOL