Tuesday, March 17, 2009

FWAH: Episode 2 Page 2

*Theme Music*

The music fades as the garden comes in to focus, laughter, witty banter and a few disgruntled contestants can be heard speaking to each other as they tend to the garden and orchard.

“Boop!” Brandon looks around, “sorry!” As he sends his half hearted apology towards the camera, he idly waves his left hand as he hisses in pain.
“You okay there Brandon? I can take over if the clippers are too high tech for you.”
Brandon looks over his right shoulder towards Gilbert and chuckles good naturedly, “I’m okay. You just concentrate on your weeds there little man.”
Gilbert’s laughter can be heard off screen.

“Oh. Oh! Dang…”
Danny smirks as he continues his work, refusing to look Jesse’s way or give him any slack, “apparently some can’t even handle the weeds…”
Monty laughs along with Danny, “So uh, Jesse. Did you have problems with the clock this morning too?”
“Oh, ha ha… real funny, guys.” Jesse’s voice can be heard off screen. His tone is tense and anxious. “I’m not used to getting up this early!”
“Really?” Danny manages to sound sincere for half a beat before his laughter joins Monty’s, “no one will notice, Jesse.”

Jesse sighs resignedly, “my Mom’s watching… she notices every thing.”
James attempts to be supportive, “Maybe they wont show you in your uh… well just hope they shoot you from the waist up. It could be worse, you could be wearing holy drawers.”
Jesse winces visibly, “aw man, you too, James? I thought you were my friend.”
James chuckles and pokes fun a bit more at Jesse’s expense. “So long as you’re not winning over me, ya sure we can stay friends. There’s just something about Suzi though…” James’ voice drifts off as he loses himself in his thoughts.
Jesse pauses and looks over at James with concern, “What? What’s wrong with Suzi?”
The others laugh once more and Jesse looks around at each of them utterly lost.

James simply shakes his head, “Nothing, man. That’s just it. She’s awesome.”
Jesse looks at James as if he’s lost his mind, “Well duh. I knew that.”
James looks over at James and throws a small dirt clod at his leg. “Ow!”
The door to the greenhouse opens and Suzi pokes her head in, “Morning, guys!” All the guys look towards the door at Suzi, some stopping to listen others continue to work as she continues, “Sorry about this but the time to fish is upon us… that means sandwiches on your way to the pond and uh… no chance to dress.” She looks apologetically towards them. “Don’t worry about the garden, I’ll finish that up… wow, you guys did a great job in here. Its almost done!”
Gilbert’s chuckles, “you sound surprised… but you shouldn’t be… it was half done before we even got in here. I have a sneaky suspicion you know something about that.”
Suzi simply smiles noncommittally and holds the door open for them to go to the pond to fish. “Good luck.”

The theme song plays, the screen fades to black before the commercials begin.

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LOL @ the guys gardening in their sleepwear!