Friday, March 27, 2009

FWAH: Episode 3 Page 2

*Theme Music*

The ‘Farmer Wants’ theme music fades to an odd view of the fish tank. Through the fish tank is a watery image of our farmer as she speaks on the phone to an unidentified person. “Speaking. … yes, I know him. … well yes actually, he did. … Hold on, before you ask me any more questions, perhaps you’d be so kind as to tell me who ‘you’ are before I hang up on you. …” Suzi’s eyes widen as she listens, her mouth forming the unspoken, oh. She bites her lip and nods as if the person on the other end can see her, “Yes, well I can understand, only its true… just as he said. … well, I can’t say that I blame you. Yet the bottom line is, he came clean and is telling you the truth. At least as far as where I am concerned. … Mmhmm… … Hmm… well, that is a dilemma and one I can’t help you with. … Bye and… well, good luck.”
Suzi hangs up her cell phone and stares at it quietly for a moment. She’s biting her lip once more. She starts to dial a number and disconnects before she finishes punching in the numbers. She shakes her head and walks towards the kitchen moments before the guys can be heard entering the house.
“I think my hands are stained from pulling weeds. They’re starting to look… green…”
Jesse looks at Brandon’s hands with growing concern then at his own, “is that what they mean by a green thumb, ya think?”
The screen fades once more before rejoining the contestants busily reading cookbooks and how to books.

“Huh…” Heads turn towards James in anticipation of some sort of interaction yet he goes back to reading without expanding on his declaration. The others go back to reading as well. The room is quiet with the exception of gurgling sounds of the water pump in the fish tank.
Jesse yawns at the lull of the fish tank and attempts to cover up his boredom with an exclamation of his own, “oh.” Heads turn towards Jesse and he looks around at them, “I think I’m going to be a vegetarian… is that bad?”
The guys smile at him and shake their heads, Danny nudges him with his elbow, “Nah. Not after meeting your food. It makes sense, I guess.”
Jesse gives Danny a pained look, “I wish you hadn’t said that… do plants feel pain?”
Gilbert looks at him with growing concern, “Dude, at this rate, you’re going to starve yourself. You can eat vegetables, okay. They have no face… you’ll be okay.”
Jesse looks relieved and grateful towards him and goes back to reading, he covers his mouth suddenly, his eyes grow wide and looks around, “Is there a book about cooking vegetables… I don’t think I can read this one any more.”

Suzi walks in and hands Jesse a new book, “Sorry Jesse, maybe you’ll enjoy this one. It’s a vegan cookbook.”
Jesse smiles and gratefully exchanges books, “Thanks.”
“Huh.” Everyone turns to James once more, yet again he says nothing.
Brandon nudges Gilbert and nods towards James, ‘Is he doing that on purpose or do you think he just doesn’t realize he’s doing it.”
Gilbert laughs, “he’s concentrating… he feels he has ground to make up. He’ll be fine.”
Brandon shrugs and goes back to his book, ‘Huh.”
Gilbert elbows Brandon causing him to laugh. “No really, this is a recipe for catfish. Didn’t we have a few from yesterday?”
Gilbert leans over and looks at Brandon’s book, “Ya, I had a one, Danny had one and I think even Monty had one. What does it say?”
Brandon shows Gilbert the book as they put their collective minds together, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”
Gilbert grins, “Ya, she could use a break and we can totally do this.”

Heads turn once again to James, “What already?”
James looks up puzzled and stares blankly at Danny, “What?”
The guys laugh and James looks around a bit confused, “What did I miss?”
Danny simply shakes his head, “Nothing, man… just read your book.”
James looks at him puzzled before he goes back to reading, “Hey. Did you know that Swedish meatballs have veal in it? I thought it was just… yanno, beef.”
Suzi had come back in the room at this point and leans over James’ shoulder at the recipe he’s reading, “Some do… others are a mix of beef and pork. It depends really on the cook’s preference and pocketbook.”
James looks at her and grins, “that’s cool. So any recipe can be adjusted to suit one’s preference… and pocketbook…”
Suzi smiles back, “most can, yes.” She turns a few pages and points to another recipe, “this is one of my favorites, here… beef stroganoff, see how it says you use beef tenderloin? It can be substituted with beef sirloin or if money is really tight, beef for stew… you just cook it longer to soften it.”

Suzi and James smile at each other before she gently squeezes his shoulder and lets him go back to reading, the screen fades to commercial.

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Anjel76 said...

OOoh! Teh Dramaz!! Which one of our contestants just broke up with someone cuz he's (over)confident on become Suzi's main squeeze? :O))

*is very amused by the cookbook reading* Poor Jesse. He just seems to be having a tough time of things. He's not really a strong kind of man, is he? I'm not sure if Suzi can be with a man like him.