Tuesday, June 2, 2009

FWAH: Episode 5 Page 6

*Theme Music*

The view comes in to focus, prior to the commercial break they audience was left with the familiar view of the front door signifying the end of events and the anticipation of the exiting contestant. Instead of returning to the front door, we see the lovely host. Lynn’s sultry voice can be heard as the theme music fades, “Well now. Things have become quite interesting indeed for our farmer.”
Her voice is smooth and excited, luring in the audience and hyping them to find out the results of the evening. “Three men remain, Gilbert, Danny and Brandon…” She looks at the unseen audience, her eyes dancing, “Three men vying for her attention and favor. Last time Gilbert made a bit of a scene, tonight it is Danny… all due to Brandon and his tactics. Will they be enough to thwart the others? Will Suzi see through him? Or is he possibly sincere and truly loves our farmer?”
The more she talks, the more animated she becomes our host contemplates the possibilities for our viewers, “And what is Brandon up to? What was Gilbert looking for? Will we ever know? Did he find what he was searching for? When we meet the failed competitor tonight, will we get answers?”

The camera comes to focus on the front door once more. The answers the audience seeks are some where behind those doors. Footsteps can be heard as someone approaches.

The door opens to reveal a calmer Danny as he heads out of the building and back to the studio for his exit interview. The house is quiet behind him. Without a glance back he passes the camera crew on his way.

Lynn’s soft voice can be heard off screen, “Greetings Danny. Are you calmer now?”
Quietly Danny contemplates his feelings, “Ya, I guess.”
“That was a rather intense confrontation out there… care to elaborate and let the viewers in on what is going on?”
“Well, how can I put this delicately…” Danny scratches his chin. “No. No, I don’t.”
Lynn pauses before continuing, “You realize you’re coming across as unstable. I’m sure there are extenuating circumstances. You’ve always been the calm one, the humorous one…”

Danny scoffs, “Oh just say it, the joke. That’s what you mean isn’t it? Danny doesn’t stand a chance against Gilbert or Brandon. I’m sure that is what all of the viewers are thinking.”
Lynn is taken aback, “Not at all. I would never say such a thing, nor did I ever think it. You had as much a chance of winning as any man there. Yet many questions remain unanswered, such as what is it that Gilbert was looking for and what was it that set you off?”
Danny grins his boyish grin, his eyes sparkling with mischief once more, “You want answers? You’ll have to wait until Gilbert gives them to you.”

The audience finds themselves back in the farmhouse. An unexpected sight of Gilbert and Suzi speaking calmly and quietly after such and abrupt and rude ending to the evening’s events. “You’re sure you’re okay?”
Suzi nods quietly, “I don’t think I’ll ever understand men.”
Gilbert chuckles, “Welcome to our world, men hardly understand women. Even though some of us may ‘think’ we do.” He takes a deep breath, “I’m sorry… for being a jerk… for being distant and quiet. I should have been there for you tonight. I failed you.”
Suzi shakes her head, “Its okay. It was fun, for a while anyhow.” She looks up at him, searching his eyes, “What happened? I still don’t understand.”
Gilbert chuckles and puts his strong arms around her, pulling her close, their lips meeting for a small kiss that immediately becomes so much more.

“Dammit woman!” Brandon appears seemingly from no where. Shocked Suzi stares at him blankly still recuperating from the passionate kisses she has received tonight. “How could you betray me like this? How?” Brandon’s hands ball up in to fists displaying his anger, getting Gilbert’s attention immediately.
“Careful, Brandon.” Gilbert’s deep voice booms in the hallway.
Suzi’s voice small and wavering in comparison speaks up, “Gilbert, please… can we have a moment.”
Gilbert takes a step forward, placing his left hand on her left hip, leans in giving her a small kiss on her cheek and whispers in her ear before walking away.

Suzi takes a moment before speaking, her eyes sad and shining with unshed tears, “Brandon, tonight has been very confusing for me. This whole situation with Gilbert, then Danny and now you… unless you want to walk out that door and not come back, you’ll go upstairs and call it a day. I’ve had enough for tonight.”

The screen fades, the theme music plays and the credits begin rolling:

Day 5
Brandon Zackery - 4 skills, 2LB, crush, BF, love 183+20+10+20+20+50=303
Danny Williams - 4 skills, 2LB crush 23+20+10+20=73
Gilbert Portis - 4 skills, 3LB, crush 148+20+10+30=208

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Anonymous said...

Dang, apparently without a kiss, poor Danny did not stand a snowball's chance in hell.

I'm getting a very creepy vibe from all three of these guys now.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Dramaz is always good for ratings! (Just ask Jon & Kate.) But yeah, it's hard on the people involved. *nods*

The Randy Lady? *blinks* Erm, interesting "dance spot" that town has. *snickers*

Hehe, yeah, I'm not surprised he couldn't handle the smell of eggs this morning. *smirks* Hangovers can do that to a person!

Why does Gilbert look off today? *frowns* He's totally going to blow the competition for himself if he acts all weird. It's nice he's not taking his advantage about the maid, but still. *pokes Gil in the ribs*

*stifles another snicker* Oh, Brandon, that is not getting the morning off to a good start! *grins broadly* But dude, totally not the way to impress the ladies, panicking like that. *tsks sadly*

Yikes, that turned into quite the conflagration there, didn't it! *frowns at Brandon* Geeze, I hope he's got some childhood trauma in his background to explain that rather sad display.

Wow, things got really awkward really fast, didn't they. *sighs* Poor Suzi, being stuck in that situation like that. :-( I'm glad Danny hasn't gotten weird all of a sudden. *makes a face at Brandon and Gilbert*

Good for you, Danny! About darn time you said something about what dingbats they're being! Now... as for the maid. Gilbert, why are you so upset she knows? What the heck was the big deal?

I'm glad two of them are enjoying chess, at least. *rolls her eyes at Brandon*

It's about darn time Suzi got a GOOD phone call for a change! Er, or did I speak too soon? *frowns with concern* Huh. What the heck is that all about? I hope whatever it was, it cheers her up somewhat.

*blinks at Gilbert* You're not going dancing? Why the heck not?!? Okay, seriously, Ruby, WTF is going on with Gilbert?!?

How is Gilbert going to be watching anyone when he's home alone? Stop with the half-speak, will you? WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!!! *pants angrily*

Although watching Brandon try to dance is pretty amusing. *looks annoyed* Yeah, okay, enough with the damn lyrics. Tell us what's going on with all the dramaz!

Gotta agree with Danny and Suzi. It doesn't really matter what some stranger thinks. Brandon is just wound way too tight for me. (And what the heck is Gilbert doing tonight, hmmm?)

Yikes! Er, okay, yeah, not a good scene building there on the curb. *winces* Something "bad" is definitely going on here. *peers at Brandon*

*sighs loudly* Damnit, sorry Danny. :-( I would have much preferred Brandon to be leaving tonight. *grumps*

C'mon, Danny, dish! What the HECK is going on with Brandon and you and Gilbert? Grr, meanie! I want answers NOW!

Wow, Suzi's getting pulled in every kind of direction here. *sighs* (I'm still shocked I never had ANY kind of jealousy fits with my FWAW challenge.) I hope Gilbert wins. I don't like Brandon very much.

Although, geeze, the best friends and love is giving him a HUGE push up! *blinks* 100 points ahead? Geeze! Hopefully his fit after Gilbert's kiss will knock him down a lot and let Gilbert win. But whew, Danny's jealous fit killed his chances.

SuziCat said...

Oh noes, a fire!!! Good thing it didn't turn tragic! I really like the outfit I'm wearing for this ep, with the zip up top, very cute!

Anjel76 said...

73?!?!?! DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG!!! Wow ... lots of subplot stuff going on here. Leave it to ruby to introduce da Dramaz. :O)) Can't wait to see what all this mystery is about. ;O))