Tuesday, June 16, 2009

FWAH: Episode 7 Page 5

*Theme Music*

They arrive back on the farm. Gilbert meets them outside, he pulls Suzi in to his arms and he holds her. Brandon grumbles something incoherent and walks in the house. Gilbert grins, “I should have known… I should have had more confidence. I’m sorry I doubted.”
Suzi looks at him utterly confused, yet not moving from his embrace. “I don’t understand.”
Gilbert chuckles, “Of course not… its not important. I’m glad you’re home safely.”
She looks at him questioningly, searching his eyes, she smiles softly, “Have more faith in me. I’m smarter than you think.”

“Then you must be brilliant.” Gilbert kisses her softly with a small peck on her lips. Reluctantly he releases his embrace, “Did you have a good time?”
Suzi fidgets and grins, “Yes but…”
Gilbert looks amused and holds up his hand, “I am never going to ask for details. Just glad you’re back.” He takes her by the hand and they walk in to the house together.

We meet up with the guys sitting alone in the living room. Suzi is off some where unseen as the guys talk. Gilbert shakes his head, “Nah basketball of the 80’s was much better. They had finesse. They had class. They had skills and most importantly, they had teamwork.”
Brandon shakes his head in disagreement, “No way, were they better. The players today could clean the floor with them! They’re bigger, their stronger, their more talented.”
“Think about this, why were the Spurs a team to be reckoned with? Teamwork. The twin towers were a power to behold. They played together. None of this showboating you have now with that joke from the Lakers, Kobe.”
Both guys go quiet as they hear Suzi emerge from her bedroom.

The guys get up immediately, Suzi hesitates before speaking, takes a deep breath as the audience holds theirs. “I’ve been thinking… a lot… and while I’m extremely fond of both of you, there can be only one winner.” She looks at Brandon and smiles, “Brandon, you’re a strong man. Clever. Handsome and great with your hands.” Suzi suddenly feels the flush of a blush rushing to her cheeks and she grins trying desperately to continue.

She turns to Gilbert and smiles taking another deep breath, “Gilbert, you too are strong. Your sense of humor and sense of what is right. It takes my breath away. Who knew a renaissance man still existed in this day and age?”

“While I admire you both in different ways, I find myself falling in love with one of you.” She pauses and looks at both of them. “I also feel as if one of you can possibly return my love. At least I hope I’m right.”

“I also feel as if one of you sees me more as a prize, I suppose in a way I am. I hope the winner will feel I am more than just a prize.” She smiles at them both once more. “I also want to thank you both for being here. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you both.” Moved to almost tears, she bites her lip, her voice cracks with emotions, “Brandon… Gilbert… I have made my choice.”

For the last time the camera focuses on the front door waiting for the final departing contestant. The theme music is heard and the screen fades to commercial.

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Anjel76 said...

Hmmm ... interesting end to the date ... with Gilbert getting another kiss. *waggles eyebrows* And he was worried that something "not good" would happen ... with Brandon and his drinking problem. Glad Suzi is a smart woman, too. :O)

GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!! rubes, you are KILLING me with this back and forth cliff-hanger stuff. *grabs the part of her t-shirt covering her heart and carefully clicks the next (last?) link*