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FWAH: Episode 6 Page 3

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Suzi eagerly steps from the taxi to see what the night has in store for her, she stops short and stares a bit confused. Gilbert is paying the taxi, giving him instructions and slips out standing beside her. “You do like games… don’t you?”
She looks up at him and grins, “Well yes… its just not what I had expected.”
Gilbert laughs, “It’s more than you think. They’ve renovated it… there’s music, dancing, a bar and best of all… video games!”
Suzi laughs happily, “Sounds great.”

Gilbert caresses her cheek, “I enjoy making you happy. Your eyes light up. You’re like a drug… I can’t get enough of you..”
Suzi swoons, “So my mortal, if chosen, it will be your sworn duty to keep me happy. Are you up to the challenge?”
Gilbert laughs, “Yes my Goddess.” His face suddenly becomes serious, he appears to be struggling with what he wants to say, “Suzi…”
Breathlessly she responds, “Yes, Gilbert.”
“Suzi, I …” Gilbert takes a deep breath and takes her hand in order to escort her in the building, “Nothing… its nothing. Come along, Goddess. Its time this mortal schooled you in video games.”

Suzi stops him, pressing her body to his, standing on tip toes their lips meet.

“Well now, that was unexpected.” Gilbert chuckles.
Blushing deeply, Suzi’s voice wavers ever so slightly, “I don’t know what came over me… is it wrong to say that I’m not sorry?”
“Not at all… I’m not sorry either.” He reluctantly lets her go and watches her face with a smile, “Should we go in?”
Laughing Suzi nods, “We might as well. I have to teach a certain mortal that he is no match for this Goddess.”

Suzi stops in her tracks, gasps in surprise, refusing to move forward. “Suzi?”
Suzi spins to look at Gilbert, panic in her eyes, she shakes her head quickly moving away from the door and out of ear shot of the familiar shape at the door. “No.. no, no, no, not tonight…”
Gilbert searches her face for answers, “What is it? What’s wrong?”
Suzi shakes her head and struggles with her words, “Apparently tonight is the night…” The stress on her face worries him, he simply nods quietly letting her talk, clenching his teeth to keep from asking too many questions.

Suzi takes a deep breath, “The phone call, it was nothing really. Silly now that I think back about it.” Her words come tumbling out in a rush, “There was this man… a guy… I met him back in college. He was it for me, I was young, so na├»ve. I knew he didn’t love me. I knew it was more a relationship of convenience and lust. We were hot for each other and then…” Suzi stops, she looks at her hands that she had been wringing nervously before her.
Gilbert takes her hands in his, “You fell in love with that guy, even though you knew you weren’t ‘supposed’ to.”
Suzi nods slowly, “I was stunned when he called me, and…” She looks up at him with a grimace, “And he’s here.”

Pulling her in to his embrace, “He may be here, but so am I. You have nothing to worry about. I won’t let him near you. I won’t let him hurt you again.”
“Mind if we skip this place?”
“Not at all, there’s a park behind you… want to talk there?”
“That would be great. Thank you.”

They walk quietly for some time, finally Suzi breaks the silence, “He did love someone. It wasn’t me. We parted ways and I mended my broken heart. I had graduation to think about and the farm and…” She falls silent for a bit more. “‘She’ called me asking questions not too long ago.” She scoffs, “Demanding some answers is probably a more accurate description.” He takes her hand in his and gives it a little squeeze.
“There were others… other women I mean. I can’t speak for any of them. I just know what happened between Pao and me.” She shrugs her petite shoulders. “Gilbert?”
“Thanks for listening to me ramble.”
He looks at her questioningly, takes her by the hand and they enter the maze of hedges. Through the maze they manage to slip the camera crew… for a time.

Gilbert’s voice sounds far away, he apparently had taken off his microphone as did Suzi. “I think we lost them… did you want to tell me the rest?”
Suzi looks at him incredulously, “How did you know?”
“You’re an open book, Suzi. Its your eyes… they don’t lie.”
Suzi looks at her feet and hesitates, “I don’t know. Only one sorority sister knows and we don’t talk about it.” She looks up suddenly as if she heard something. “Gilbert.”

Taking her by the hand they continue their walk through the maze keeping ahead of the camera crew. “You don’t have to tell me anything you don’t want to Suzi. It just looks as if you wanted to… that’s all.”
Suzi laughs, “You really can read me. Am I that transparent?”
“No, I’m just that good.” At this they both laugh and keep walking.

Gilbert looks around cautiously, “I think we’re safe… for now.”
Suzi looks at him and grins, “This is so silly, I’m actually having fun trying to ditch the camera crew!” Gilbert’s easy laugh eases her nerves and she turns to him. She tries to look at him yet not meeting his eyes. “I had…” Gilbert had put his finger over her lips. The sound of people talking as they walked past on the far side of the hedges can be heard.
“Sorry go ahead.”
“Kiss me.”

Gilbert moans deeply, his hands roam her body, she presses her body as close as she can to his, feeling his excitement is as heightened as hers, his voice raspy with his want and need, “Woman, you drive me crazy. It’s not enough. I always want more of you. I can’t stop thinking about you. Hell, I find myself dreaming about you.”
Suzi moans as his lips find her neck, his kisses hard and hungry, “Take me, Gilbert. I need you.”

The screen immediately cuts to commercial.

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