Tuesday, June 2, 2009

FWAH: Episode 5 Page 5

*Theme Music*

Theme music fades, the camera shows they have returned to the farmhouse. Gilbert is seen in the background throwing away some trash. He glances over at them and nods. Suzie returns his nod with a smile.
“Suzi?” Brandon starts and pauses. He turns to her, taking her hand in his. He holds it in his grasp firmly as he looks at it. Confused she turns to him, searching his face for an answer. Suddenly, Brandon pulls her into his arms.

Not giving her a chance to object, the hunger in his eyes unmistakable, he lowers his lips to hers. His kiss is deep, searching, hungry, breathtaking. Suzi wraps her arms around him, returning his passionate kiss. Nothing else exists outside of them, everything, everyone forgotten in this moment, in this kiss.

“Oh hell no.” Danny fumes, his anger apparent and written all over his face, in a very testosterone filled moment he puffs out his chest pulling back is arms as if to strike. Utterly taken by surprise, Suzi flinches while a smug Brandon waves good-bye to the competition.
Stunned Suzi tries desperately to make sense of what just happened. “Danny? I… I’m sorry! I … oh dammit… What? What’s wrong?”

Danny stands before her, his face falls in to an unreadable mask of hurt, anger and disappointment. He looks from the stunned Suzi to the smug Brandon and turns on his heel towards the house without a word.

They all watch as Danny walks away. Everyone stands silently waiting for some explanation, some word of what possessed him to flip out. Danny walks past Gilbert and lowers his voice. “Take care of our girl.”
Gilbert shakes his head not understanding why he would jeopardize his chance, “Danny.”

“What just happened?”
“I kissed you…”
“I know that…”
“You kissed me back…”
“I know that! I meant with Danny.”
Brandon shrugs noncommittally, “I guess he just couldn’t handle the competition…”
Suzi shakes her head, still not sure of what just transpired, “It’s more than that…”

The camera moves to the closed front doors, the theme music can be heard faintly and growing louder, drowning out the concerned voices of Gilbert and Brandon before fading to commercial.

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