Thursday, June 4, 2009

FWAH: Episode 6 Page 4

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The camera focuses on the pair as they sit comfortably on the park bench. They appear to be oblivious to their surroundings. Gilbert kisses the top of her head as it rests on his shoulder, “It was easy to get over him. I think I was more enamored with the idea of him than the man himself.”
“His loss. I should thank him for falling for the wrong woman.”
Suzi giggles and falls quiet, “Gilbert.”
“What is it, Honey?”
“I never told him.”
“Not even when he called?”
“How could I? He was so angry. He was so desperate. He’s losing the woman he loves, how could I tell him?”
“Are you going to tell him?”

Gilbert scoops her up and plants her on his lap, he looks at her, their eyes meet. “You should tell the man. Its his right to know.”
Suzi’s eyes search his face, “You’re not disappointed in me? For what I did?”
Gilbert smiles reassuringly, “No. Like you said, you were young. Do you ever think of him? Wonder where he is, what he’s doing?”
Suzi nods slowly, “Constantly. I console myself saying he’s better off without me.”
Gilbert kisses her nose softly, “No one is better off without you.”
Suzi moans softly, making Gilbert chuckle, “Again?”
Suzi blushes deeply and nods. Gilbert shakes his head, “Sorry, Honey. The sun is coming up. Our time is almost at an end.”

Gilbert pulls her closer, nuzzling her neck as she giggles happily. “Tell him.”
“You need to tell him.”
She pulls away looking at him, searching his face and nods slowly. “You’re sure?”
Gilbert stands, still cradling her in his arms. “If I had a son… trust me, I’d want to know.”
He gently places her on the ground beside the taxi, opens the door and lets her enter first.

They enter the house to find Brandon waiting for them in the front hall, Suzi’s steps stagger momentarily, stunned. She smiles nervously at him, almost guiltily. Gilbert simply makes his to the stairs. “Have a good time on your date.”
Brandon eyes Suzi quietly, “Oh. Oh! Right, thanks.” Suzi blushes deeply. She removes her shoes at the front door under Brandon’s scrutiny. He hasn’t said a word, simply watching quietly as he broods.
Gilbert smirks as he says his farewells, “Right then. Good night.”
“Morning.” Brandon corrects him.
Gilbert simply shrugs and keeps walking.

Suzi moves to pass Brandon on her way to her bedroom. “I’ll um… be ready in a minute, Brandon.”
Brandon shakes his head, “Take your time. Why not take a nap. We can head out when you’re ready.” Brandon refuses to make eye contact in order to hide his disappointment. “Thanks Brandon. I’ll be ready in a few hours.”
Brandon nods slowly, “Night, Suzi.”
“Night, Brandon.”

Brandon stays in the hallway, rooted to the spot. He looks up towards where Gilbert had gone, his eyes narrowing. Moments pass as he stands there simply staring, a range of emotions crossing his handsome face. At long last he sighs and shakes his head, he looks at the camera man shrugs and tries to smile.

The camera fades as the unseen audience watches him walk towards the garden out back to begin the morning chores alone.
Across the black screen three words are appear, ‘To be continued…’

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Anonymous said...

Wow, lots of tension at the breakfast table.

Suzi does not look thrilled to be going on a date.

She still looks tense at dinner, too.

*waves as Tracy waddles by*

Ooooo. You go, Gilbert! Rip that bodice!

O_o What's this about a babby?! No wonder Suzi's been so stressed about the phone calls.

Hmmmmmmmm. She must like whatever Gilbert has going for him.

There's still something weird about Brandon & Gilbert.

*headdesk* What???? To be continuted . . . ??????????

SuziCat said...

Wow, what a romantic date! I didn't know I knew French, hee hee! Then the dramaz occurs! Yikes, a kid??? Me???

kimbalaya said...

Ack! I finally get caught up on like the last 3 episodes, and that's where you leave it?? *dramatic sigh*

Anjel76 said...

HEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!!! In your post at LL you said this was the FINAL ELIMINATION!!! What gives?!?!?! *pokes ruby* It was a fantastic date, though. So ... did Gilbert and suzi "Do It"? :OD))) Hehe.

And ... what's this about a SON?!?!?!?!?! *pokes ruby again*

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Whew, yeah, that looks like a massively uncomfortable breakfast. *comforts Suzi* Good for you, Gilbert, to say enough is enough, but you probably should have waited until she left. :-/

Geeze, Brandon, you're going to not eat and make yourself miserable, just because Gilbert said you should eat to feel better? How childish!

I'm glad they finally got her to laugh, even if it's just for a moment.

Huh. Interesting indeed.

Ooo, they both look quite dashing there! *whistles* Haha, that's cool that he brought her somewhere where they serve something she loves. :-D I really like Gilbert a lot. I hope he wins!!

Ooo, he speaks French. *swoons* He definitely is a smooth talker. You know, he's almost too good to be true. But since I -really- don't like Brandon, I'll be rooting for Gil and hoping whatever the other shoe is that drops isn't so bad.

Whew, he really is pouring on the charm. Celebrating beginnings, eh?

YAY! He's finally fessing up to being the one to call the cleaning agency! *cheers* I don't blame her for wanting to air her dirty laundry on television, since they are still being taped. (But shame on YOU for not telling us! Or maybe shame on me, for not catching up with the rest of OT more?)

That was a perfect dinner though. :-D

Haha, too cool that he took her to play games too. *cheers* Oooo *holds her breath, leaning forward* Awww, man!! Why didn't you say it, you doof? She wanted to hear it! *pokes Gilbert* Good for her for kissing him so passionately. *nods*

What? What's all that about? Who's that guy? Tonight's the night, what? (You best not be messing up Gilbert's date, missy!!) Oh, geeze, c'mon, the bed-buddy needs to vamoos! This is Gilbert's night! *grumbles* Gil is supposed to get his funk on with Suzi! *pouts* Aww, that was cool of him. *cheers Gilbert* Glad he's not forcing her to confront the guy and instead they're going to slip away somewhere else.

Not right that Pao's girlfriend/wife/whatever calls Suzi asking about the other women he was with. *frowns* Poor Suzi.

(Gah!! Darnit, the monitor I'm reading this on is super dark and I can't see the nighttime pictures! *cries*)

Ooo, yay! I may not be able to see much, but that particular conversation doesn't need to be seen! *cheers* Go Gilbert!!

Aw, I love the "honey" that just slipped out so easily. *melts* And tell Pao what? Ooooohhhhh, Pao knocked her up and she gave him up for adoption, didn't she. I'm guessing that's what this conversation is about now... Woot! for her wanting another go! *cheers* Oh please, oh please, oh please, let her pick Gilbert!

HA! Guessed it right. *looks pleased with herself* And that's so cool that Gilbert not only doesn't judge, but he's helping her get through this situation.

Geeze, Brandon, get a grip. Let Suzi unwind and get some rest. *shoos Brandon away* Glad he didn't make her go right back out, at least. *shakes her head at Brandon*

PHIE on you for ending there! (Although I have to go to lunch, so I guess it's okay. This time!)