Tuesday, June 16, 2009

FWAH: Episode 7 Page 6

*Theme Music*

The view comes in to focus to the familiar view of the front door signifying the end of events and the anticipation of the exiting contestant. Footsteps can be heard approaching the door. They falter. Muffled yelling can be heard as well as perhaps someone crying.

The front door is thrown open. A rather upset Brandon can be seen. He pauses remembering the cameras and walks off the lot to the waiting car.

As he approaches the camera, he gives no indication of his mood, the only give away is his fists, clenching and unclenching.

Lynn’s soft voice can be heard off screen, “Hello Brandon.”
Brandon huffs. Lynn tries again, “I take it you don’t agree with the final results?”
Brandon scoffs. Lynn takes a deep breath, “Well I’m sorry you feel this way. Suzi is a grown woman. She has made her choice.”

Brandon laughs, “She had it made for her. Gilbert manipulated her. He cheated! That’s got to be it. Why else would he be there and I am here?”
“Cheated? How could he have managed to cheat?”
“Oh come on! Think about it. Lets see… he poisoned her mind for one. Told her lies about me and the other guys I’m sure. He probably even told her about my stash he tossed!”
Lynn’s voice grows quiet, “I wish you hadn’t said that. Gilbert refrained from implicating you in anything. Neither to us nor to Suzi…”
Brandon looks at her dumbfounded as he’s escorted off screen by a policeman who is calmly reading him his rights.

The audience find themselves back in the farmhouse for the last time. A tearful Suzi is held in Gilbert’s strong embrace, their words muffled and soft, a word here and there can be understood though her soft sobs. “I know. I know. I’m sorry. I should have told you sooner.”
Suzi nods quietly, “I didn’t realize it was that bad. I mean, I figured it out, but wow.”
Gilbert scoops her up, cradling her in his arms as he carries her to the couch. sitting her in his lap.

“The night I stayed here. The night you all went to the club. I found his stash. I threw it out. I thought it was just the alcohol but Danny knew. He knew it was more. One of us had to go with you and watch over you. He volunteered to stay and search, but I didn’t want him jeopardizing his position for a hunch.” He wipes her tears from her eyes, “I had to make sure you were safe. Even if it meant you chose him over me. I had to make sure.”
“You do love me.”
Gilbert grins big and kisses her passionately, “You bet your life I do.”

The screen fades, the theme music plays and the credits begin rolling:

Day 6
Date: A kiss is 30 points, a makeout is 50 and a woohoo is 100.
Brandon Zackery - 180
Gilbert Portis - 180

Brandon Zackery - 13 skills, 2LB, crush, BF, Love, bronze garden
Gilbert Portis - 13 skills, 3LB, crush, BF, Love, bronze garden

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Anonymous said...

*wonders about what Gilbert threw out* condoms, maybe?

Brandon really looks pissed when Gilbert walks in.

Oh hey! Suzi has a new do, it looks good!

Oh, so the fixed truck is the surprise. Somehow I thought it would be something more.

Hmmmm. She doesn't look happy about where he's taking her.

4 beers? Already?!

What's the deal with the hostess? why is she so unfriendly? Suzi doesn't look too pleased about the menu choices.

*cringes* Must he be so gauche? I know he's had too much to drink, but eep. I can't stand being in that kind of situation.

Is that an obsessed fan behind them? Wait, is that Abhisheet stalking her?

Ewwww. I would think Brandon being drunk would be a turn-off.

Dang, so he was into drugs too. Maybe they should have staged an intervention.

So . . . one LB made all the difference. I hope they're very happy together.

Anjel76 said...


SO long, Brandon, you ... you ... O__o ... DRUGGIE?! So THAT'S what he threw away?!?! *goggles* WOW!!! I knew it was bad, but not THAT bad! o__O WOW!!!

But ... YES!!! Gilbert WON! *does a dance*

Do we get an interview with the new couple later? Do we get to see a wedding? Do we get to see "Revenge of Brandon"????


SuziCat said...

Yay!!! Gilbert was my favorite from the beginning, so it must have worked out like it was supposed to, ha! The new haircut thing is funny, cause I got my hair cut short not too long ago! But the only bowling I am good at is on the Wii, ha ha!!! That sex scene with Brandon in the car was hot, tho--I was surprised she slept with him! And Gilbert was okay with it??? Anyway, this was so much fun! Thanks for letting me star!!! :-)

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Hmm well, I'm glad Brandon is getting a chance to explain himself. But I'm still not a fan of his anymore. *crosses her arms over her chest and looks stubborn*

Yeah! What stuff did he trash? *leans forward* ARGH! You TEASE!!! *growls*

Yay for another awkward breakfast? *shakes her head* Suzi doesn't look too thrilled to be there.

Heh, good for you, Gil, refusing to let any awkwardness dampen your mood. :-D

*chews on her lip* I know Gil meant well, but that probably wasn't the best thing to say to his competition. I don't blame Brandon for not responding to his "warning."

Wow, cute haircut she got! *cheers*

That's some nice surprise he gave her, fixing her truck like that. *claps*

Pheh for dark monitors... is that Landoste again? Okay, not Landoste. Bowling? Is it the gaming place she and Gil almost ran into Pao?

*waits for it* .... *waits for it..* ... Aw, man! I thought we were gonna get to see him fall. *pouts*

Congrats, Suzi, on your strike! *cheers* Heh, -very- nice, bowling a perfect game! *claps*

I'm with Ange... I'm having a hard time enjoying their date, because I keep waiting for one of Brandon's outbursts.

Aww, poor Suzi. I'd think a diner after dinner at Londoste would definitely be a let-down, no matter how much you liked a good burger.

*blinks* Dude. You could have given her a sip of yours before ordering 2 glasses and making her wait. *frowns* Bowling, a diner, he downs his water instead of giving her a sip... Totally not impressed.

*winces* Ooo, dude. 4 beers at the bowling alley and now a gin and tonic? Not good. What happened to the cheeserburger? *blinks* OMG, Brandon is so freakin' oblivious! Why don't you, Suzi? Gilbert seems to know everything about you without you saying a word. Because he OBSERVES you and what you like and your expressions and everything.

OMG, he downed his gin & tonic and puts it next to SUZI'S water and then grabs the other one?!? Wow. Not cool, dude. She's right, you're hammered. Or if not quite hammered, you're definitely drunk. *shakes her head* Geeze, talk about quicksilver moods! I'd be afraid to keep up, if I were involved with someone like that.

*giggles* He's more fun (sometimes) than Gilbert. But I'd get whiplash trying to keep up with the mood changes.

ARGH!! Okay, that is just too darn mean. *cries* Teasing us with the question we all want answered and still refusing? Hehe, loved his interview. *grins*

Good for her, for insisting she drive.

Aw, fudge. I was really hoping she would have been turned off enough by his insistance on drinking and driving, that she wouldn't woohoo with him. *sighs loudly* Phoey. It would have been better if she'd called out Gilbert's name. *grins evilly* I agree with Ange - no way would I be in the mood for sex after his stunt.

I guess she drove home after all? I like Gilbert's reactions after her date with Brandon. Much better than the reverse's had been.

Yelling? Hmm. I bet I can guess who's throwing a tantrum and why... Yup, exactly who I was thinking was gonna walk out. *nods*

"Stash" huh? As in pot? *shakes her head* Oh my. Well, that's interesting... although they must have had their suspicions, to have had a policeman standing by.

I'm glad Suzi figured out at least part of it though, instead of being stuck with Brandon's drinking and drugs.

AWWWWw *melts* That was really sweet of Gilbert, that he was willing to risk his chance with her to stay behind and get some confirmation on Brandon. But I'm so glad to see Gilbert won. *boogies and cheers*