Thursday, June 11, 2009

FWAH: Episode 7 Page 2

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We find ourselves once more in the farmer’s bedroom. Suzi sits finishing her make up and giving herself one last glance to make sure she is just right. She grins at her reflection and fluffs her short hair giggling. Sighing softly, looking rather pleased with herself, “I should have done this years ago.”
She turns her head left than right admiring the new do. Her eye catches a glimpse at the clock on the table, noting the time she gasps, closes her lipstick in a hurry and rushes towards her bedroom door.

Suzi finds Brandon waiting for her by the door, she approaches him breathlessly, “I’m sorry! I lost track of time.”
Brandon simply grins at her, taking in her beauty as she tries to apologize again. “You’re not late. I was just early. I guess I’m pretty anxious to have some alone time with you at last.” He keeps grinning and touches her hair lightly, “It looks great. You look great.”
Suzi giggles at the compliment, “Really? You like it? I kinda like it too. I don’t know what possessed me to do it really, but I’ve been meaning to do ‘something’ with my hair and…” she takes a deep breath and they both laugh. “I was a bit nervous about my hair really. It’s such a change from what I’m used to.”

Brandon wraps his arms around her giving her a hug, holding her close, pressing his nose in to her hair and inhaling. “You’re gorgeous.”
Suzi melts in his arms, relieved and moved, “Thank you, Brandon. You look rather handsome yourself.”
He kisses her softly and steps back, his mischievous grin firmly in place. “I have a surprise for you.”

Suzi looks at him in anticipation, “I love surprises.”
“Well then, lets head out. I’m driving.”
Suzi blinks and glances at the door, “Driving? You’re… driving?”
Brandon chuckles and nods, pulling out the old truck keys from his pants pocket, he holds them up for her to see them. She looks from the keys to him and back again. “I don’t understand. It’s been broken for months… years…”
Brandon grins bigger, “Yes, well it’s fixed now. Shall we go?”
Suzi lets out a squeal and throws her arms around his neck, hugging him tight. “Thank you!”

Brandon pulls the truck up to the building and parks. Suzi opens the door slowly and stares wordlessly at the building. She looks at it nervously before looking towards Brandon. He makes his way around the back of the truck and to her side noting her hesitation. “Is this not okay? Would you rather go somewhere else?”

They stand staring at the building, both rather nervous now. “No, this is fine.” Suzi keeps staring up at the building.
Brandon sounds unconvinced, “Are you sure?”
Suzi takes his hand in hers and gives it a reassuring squeeze. “Yes, it’s fine… it’s more than fine, it’s great.”

Still unconvinced, Brandon turns to face her, keeping eye contact he tries once more, “We really can go somewhere else. I thought you’d like it.”
Suzi giggles, “Brandon, relax. I love bowling. I’m just… not your typical girl. I won’t ‘let’ you win. I’m very competitive.”
Brandon laughs relieved, “Is that all? No problem then. I’ve only bowled once and that was years ago. I just remembered it was a blast.”

After debating with the bowling attendant about the cleanliness of rented shoes, Brandon finally settled on a pair and put them on. Staring at them, he moves his feet this way and that looking at them with horror and disgust. “I don’t remember shoes being this ugly.”
Suzi laughed merrily and helped him pick out a ball before pointing him to an alley. Standing there he stares down the pins, ball in hand, feet in rented shoes, he approaches the line for his first frame.

Shuffling his feet towards the line, he can’t remember which foot he was supposed to end with and teeters at the line, throwing the ball a moment late and finding the momentum trying to pull him forward across the line.

Brandon manages to catch his balance and lost sight of his ball, he heard a noise that would indicate he hit something but thought it could also have been the lane next to him.

Holding the ball in her hands she looks down the lane, gracefully stepping forward taking her counted unrushed steps she glides and lunges towards the line, the ball swinging like a perfect pendulum leaves her outstretched hand rolling relentlessly towards the pins, knocking each and everyone down for a strike.
“Yes!” She exclaims triumphantly, “And that is how it is done, Ladies and Gentlemen!” Suzi does a small victory wiggle at the line and turns with a vibrant smile to join Brandon back at the seats.
The pair continue in much the same fashion for the next nine frames, Brandon thrilled to hit anything and Suzi relentlessly finishing with a clean game.

Brandon takes Suzi by the shoulders, shaking his head, “How in the world did you do that?”
Laughing Suzi beams in her victory, “I told you. I love to bowl and I warned you, I am very competitive.”
“Well thanks for schooling me. While I may be great with engines, I know nothing about bowling.” Brandon smoothly pulls her in to his embrace kissing her deeply leaving them both breathless.

“You may have won in bowling. I believe I’m the winner. I get to spend the evening with you.”
Suzi’s soft smile warms his heart, making him brave, or perhaps it was the four beers, he leans in for another kiss, his hands roaming and caressing her back, pressing his bodies to hers. Her voice raw with emotion as his name crosses her lips, “Brandon…”

The screen fades to a commercial break.

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