Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Episode 6: Final Elimination

*Theme Music*

The music softens, playing in the background. The camera focuses on the painting. Slowly and purposefully Lynn steps on screen. She smiles at her unseen audience as the music continues. She takes a deep breath and lets it out in a huff, blowing her bangs from her eyes in an exasperated fashion. “Well now. In the beginning I thought I envied Suzi and the attention she would have from these sexy men… now seeing what she has endured, I am pleased as punch to remain on this side of the competition.”
Lynn pauses here as if in contemplation, “Two men. Two very intense, strong men remain. Our fair farmer will venture forth on a date with each of these men. Thankfully one at a time… who will she go out with first? Will it be an advantage or disadvantage to going first? Will it matter what order they go on their dates? To make it as fair as possible, the order of dates was decided by the flip of a coin.” Lynn’s eyes dance with mischief, “You’ll have to wait and see how the dates progress. So many questions remain unanswered, so much mystery and intrigue, who would have thought a reality show would give us all of this drama?”
Lynn steps closer towards the middle of the screen and faces her unseen audience, “Its time to join the farmhouse. Let’s hope our farmer asks the right questions, it would be nice to finally have some answers.” She frowns in thought, “Will the competitors sabotage each other’s dates? Will Suzi choose either of them if they do? Our farmer appears to be at her wits end… perhaps its good this competition is winding down.”

The audience find themselves in dining area. Not a word is spoken. The only sound is the hum of the fish tank, the hum of the refrigerator and the occasional car that passes the house. Occasionally one of the men will appear to begin speaking only to remain quiet and eat their breakfast. Tension builds.

Gilbert steals a glance at Suzi, catching a glimpse of her before she can lower her head. His eyebrow rises in a silent question. The question goes unasked, unanswered, Suzi lowers her head and pushes her pancakes around her plate.

Breaking the silence at last, Gilbert addresses Brandon, “Listen. You kissed Suzi, I kissed Suzi. It’s just you and me left in this competition and I think we need to call some kind of truce. I don’t like the way this is affecting Suzi, its stressing her out. Have you looked at her this morning?”
Suzi groans softly, her fork drops on her plate. She stares out the window not seeing what is before her. Brandon and Gilbert sit quietly watching. “Stop staring at me, I'm fine.” Suzi pushes her chair back and leaves the table. She sets her plate in the kitchen and makes her way towards her bedroom.

The guys wait until her door closes, “Seriously. A truce would be good.”
Brandon looks at him contemplating, “Ya. Okay.” His brow furrows momentarily as he stares at his pancakes. “I don’t think I can eat.”
Gilbert shakes his head, “You and I both know you need to. Your hangover is just going to get worse if you don’t.”
Brandon’s eyes narrow, his grip on his fork tightens and his jaw sets squarely.

The tension is so thick you could feel it in the air, wordlessly the three worked in the garden. The men occasionally glance at Suzi while she wasn’t looking. “I’m not made of porcelain, I’m not going to break. I’m fine… you can both stop worrying about me.” Suzi pulls another weed from her precious crop with a grunt tossing the weeds on to an ever growing pile.

Gilbert glances her way once more, “You’re right… of course… only you’re stressed beyond belief. It isn’t as if we’re helping matters, but I know its not just us.” He gives her a knowing look and she blushes before turning away.
“Okay, fair enough. Still, I’m a grown woman. I can take care of myself.” Suzi counters.
Brandon stretches his back as he stands. “Yes, you can. In the meantime, Gilbert and I have decided to call a truce of sorts. Basically, we wont be the cause of any added stress to you.” He shrugs his broad shoulders, “It’s the very least we can do.”
Gilbert shoots a questioning look towards Brandon before glancing up at Suzi, “We’ll finish up out here. You’ve got a date to get ready for.”

Suzi pauses and bites her lip, “The card only said to dress for a lovely dinner… it didn’t say who I’m going to dinner with…”
Both guys chuckle and remain quiet. “Aw come on… no hint?” She looks from one to the other, “Well fine. Whoever it is… thank you for the rose.” She looks once more from one to the other, the guys keep grining as she throws her hands up in defeat. “Fine. Keep up the work, my minion mortals. I’ll be off getting ready for this mystery dinner.”
Both men laugh with her and watch her walk away.

They both work quietly for a bit longer, “So… a truce huh…”
Gilbert looks over at Brandon. Brandon keeps pulling weeds. “In the spirit of competition, and the sanity of Suzi, maybe we really should call a truce of sorts.”

The weeds pulled, the garden tended, the men square off. Staring each other down wordlessly, the dislike and distrust apparent, Brandon’s eyes narrowing, his arms crossed in an apparent defensive stance. Gilbert simply stands and watches him carefully, gauging his reactions and movements. “The next few days will be interesting…”

The screen fades slowly, the men still stare each other down as we are ushered to a commercial break.

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Yes ... "interesting" indeed! *stares at the two men staring each other down*