Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Episode 2 - Gone Fishing

*Theme Music*

The music fades to background ambiance as the camera focuses in on Lynn. She smiles easily looking off camera as if listening to someone unseen by the viewers. Right on cue and without skipping a beat, she looks to the camera, “Welcome back to Farmer Wants… This is our 7th season and hopefully not our last. We encourage all of you farmers out there looking for a spouse to send in applications without delay!”
Lynn shifts her weight and looks thoughtfully off camera as she recounts for the benefit of the audience, “Last time we had our farmer meet the hopefuls, some contestants were met with an encouraging smile, others were not quite so successful. In the end, we did say good bye to our first eliminated bachelor.”
With a sly smile she looks pointedly back at the audience as if giving them an inside peek at top secret information, “While dishes were being done, farmer hopefuls readied for bed, friendships are made and the competition is weighed by each of the remaining contestants. Who will be next to go? What strategies do these farmers have? If any…”
The theme music kicks up again as the camera now is back at the farm and we are greeted by Suzi, this season’s farmer.

Suzi stands alone in her kitchen, a bit amused and rather concerned, “Each of them have been told it was time to get up at least twice, yet I’m the only one that was here in time for breakfast.” She shrugs her slim shoulders noncommittally and continues, “I don’t know what to say about this other than they’ll learn the hard way that a good breakfast is the only good way to start your day. Spend some time in the gardens and fields, they’ll be falling over in hunger and that’s not going to be a pretty picture I can tell you that now.”
She looks above her and shakes her head slowly, “I think someone is awake, I hear a shower or two… maybe… I suppose we’ll see.” She looks at the camera once more, “They do know they’re on a farm… right?”

Lynn’s disembodied laughter can be heard by both our viewers and by our farmer, “Yes Suzi, they were told and if they don’t remember today, those still around will surely remember tomorrow. So tell us about yesterday.”
Suzi looks exasperated, “I don’t even know where to start Lynn! It was like one disaster after another… thankfully there were a few life boats out there, yet it just felt so overwhelming.”
Lynn prods her further, “And Phillip? You decided against keeping him around…”
Suzi bites her lip and looks around contemplating her response, “He was rather… extreme… don’t you think? He is handsome, don’t get me wrong… its just he was so certain that I was completely off base. Life isn’t black or white; it has so many shades of color. I need someone who can see that.”
“Do you have anyone in mind?”
Suzi relaxes and laughs, “Maybe… but I’m not saying. Besides, its way too soon to say for certain!” A clock chimes in the hallway, “oh the time, I have to get started… can someone send them outside for me?”
Lynn’s voice can still be heard by both the audience and Suzi, “Sure thing!”
Suzie looks relieved and waves before exiting, “Thanks Lynn!”

The screen fades as the theme music plays, the narrator’s voice can be heard strong and melodic, “Farmer Wants will return after this brief message.”

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Anonymous said...

I like Suzi's shirt. It looks homey without being cheesy.